DTC GT17, GT12, GT15 Quad Core Android Phones Price List 2014

DTC has revealed three new android phones powered by Quad Core processor – The GT17 Jupiter, GT12 Nick Plus, and GT15 Fiesta. These three smartphones are almost identical with each other except for the display size, and battery capacity which is probably the basis for the difference in pricing.
dtc quadcore android phone

All these smartphones have enough processing power at 1.2GHz quad core and 1GB of RAM to execute games seamlessly and at the same time have apps running at the back end. There is also 4GB of internal storage that is expandable up to 32GB present in all these phones. This Just allows every user to store enough of everything; videos, music, photos, and android apps. The bigger display will just let the users enjoy viewing whatever they store on phone. The three phones are equipped with 13MP main and 2MP front camera for high quality photos and picture perfect super selfie.

GT17 Jupiter Specs
4.7 inch QHD IPS OGS display
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
1.2GHz Quad Core processor
13MP rear camera with AF
2MP front facing camera
Slim design at 9.33mm thickness
Dual SIM
3G / WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity
2200mAh battery capacity
Price – P6990 (comes with free hard case worth P500)

GT12 Nick Plus Specs
5.3 inch QHD TFT display
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
1.2GHz Quad core processor
13MP rear camera with AF capable of shooting macro shot
2MP front facing camera
2500mAh battery capacity
Price – P7990

GT15 Fiesta (Gaming Phablet) Specs
5.9 inch QHD TFT display
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
1.2GHz Quad core processor
13MP rear camera with AF
2MP front facing camera
WiFi / 3G / Bluetooth connectivity
Dual SIM
2700mAh battery capacity
Price – P8888

If you are into slim profile phone you can choose the GT17 Jupiter. If you are into point and shoot that is capable of doing macro shots then GT12 Nick Plus. If you are an avid gamer then get the GT15 Fiesta.

*Image from DTC mobile facebook page

Free Facebook for Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers (No WiFi Needed)

Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers can now experience free Facebook with their internet ready phones. There are lots of advantages if you can connect with Facebook for free without using WiFi. You can keep in touch with love ones and update your own status to let your friends know your whereabouts. You don’t have to be near WIFI hotspot to do all these because Globe’s powerful network is making it possible for you.

free facebook for globe and tm subscribers

To join this free facebook promo you should be a subscriber of Globe (postpaid and prepaid) or Touch Mobile. Otherwise, you can get Globe or TM SIM in retailers near you. If you already have globe or TM SIM just text GO then send to 2951 (free of charge) to received internet settings.

There are 3 ways to enjoy Free Facebook (choose which one is applicable)
1. You can dial *143# then choose FREE FB. In a short while you will receive a text with a link on it. Go to the link.
2. Using your internet ready phone log on to m.facebook.com/free and then go to “Start Now.”
3. You can launch the Facebook app on your phone and then go to “Start Now.”

You can choose to stay connected on Facebook but if you go to external links, regular browsing rates will apply. This promo is available until April 25,2014.

*photo screen grab on Globe’s official website

Kim Chiu Had Minor Accident Causing Swollen Nose

Kim Chiu was rushed to the hospital today April 23,2014 due to minor accident encountered while on her way to taping of ABS CBN TV series “Ikaw Lamang.”kim chiu on wheelchair

According to news reports online the accident happen while Kim Chiu was asleep at the back seat of her moving vehicle. Unfortunately, her driver made a sudden stop causing her face to hit the rear side of the seat in front of her. This resulted to bleeding and swollen nose.

kim chiu swollen nose

Kim Chiu still went to the set of “Ikaw Lamang” to inform the producer about the incident. Afterwards, she was advised to see a doctor. The doctor however told that there is nothing to worry about so Kim went back to the taping.

*Image credits to portiadimla instagram, and Face and Curves twitter account

Smart Unli Call and Txt 25 (UNLI25) Promo and Registration Details

Smart Unli Call and Txt 25 ( UNLI25 ) allow you to text and call fellow smart and talk n text users nonstop for 1 day. If you are type of mobile users who text and call their friends nonstop for 1 day at the same time wants to stay connected with relatives in social media, then this promo is just right for you.

smart unli call and text 25

Unli call and txt 25 promo basically lets you do everything online for one day. It lets you call smart and talk n text friends nonstop and unli text smart, sun and TNT for one day. If your friends are from networks other than mentioned you still can text them with the additional 50 all net text.

UNLI25 also allows you to utilize Smart powerapp so you can use Facebook, Twitter, and 5 other popular apps for free. It also provides you with 15MB data for other sites that you want to view.

How to Register with Unli25 and other details

  • You must be a smart prepaid subscriber
  • Registration is required. To register Text UNLI25 then send to 6404
  • You should maintain P1 balance to avoid service disruption
  • Smart PowerApp can be downloaded at google playstore or just text FREE SOCIAL to 5555 with your android phone
  • You cannot use the 15MB data unless you turn off powerapp. To turn it off just text OFF POWERAPP to 5555

Cherry Mobile Quartz Specs, Priced at P2499

Cherry Mobile yet revealed another affordable smartphone that is part of their gem lineup – the cherry mobile quartz. This particular phone model has a bit higher specs compared to its other gem siblings. It has bigger 4.0 inch capacitive touchscreen and slightly higher camera resolution at 3MP for its main.

cherry mobile quartz

Cherry Mobile Quartz Specs

  • 4.0 inch capacitive touchscreen display
  • 1GHz dual core processor
  • 4.2 Android Jelly Bean OS
  • 2GB internal storage (expandable to 32GB via micro SD card)
  • No data on RAM
  • 3MP rear camera
  • .3MP front facing camera
  • Dual SIM
  • WiFi / Bluetooth
  • HSPA+
  • Price – P2499
  • No data on battery capacity

You can do basic web surfing, online chatting in social medias, and watch video on youtube with this phone. However, if you are an avid mobile gamer, you should verify if this unit has GPU. Otherwise, you should choose higher specs phones of course at higher price.

To get your own cherry mobile quartz, all you need is to visit any cherry mobile kiosks and stores nationwide.

Kris Aquino in Short Hair (Photo and Video)

Kris Aquino in short hair is the talk of the town. Aquino & Abunda Tonight host Kris Aquino appeared in the April 21,2014 episode with a very short hair which she describes as the shortest she ever had since child birth. Boy Abunda expresses his astonishment towards the actress and complimented her saying “Is that you?” and afterwards saying “beautiful!” Her son also got amazed with his mom’s new look describing her as Miley Cyrus.

kris aquino short hair picture 2

Boy Abunda continued to complement Kris by saying “It’s Nice, its summer, and it’s appropriate.” Kris however disagrees about the “it’s appropriate” remark. Kris told that “Pag may pinag dadaanan, its appropriate.” This somehow hinted the viewers and fans the reason she cuts her hair short. When Boy asked if she is currently having issues she told that it ended “Tapos na.” Kris added that “ayaw ko na ng heart ache.”

Watch the video for the rest of the conversation from ABS-CBN online youtube account

On April 20,2014 Kris Aquino shared on Instagram a saying from Coco Chanel, a French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. It is accompanied with a revelation that she cuts off more than a foot of her hair.

kris aquino short hair in instagram

“A woman who cuts her hair short is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

Kris Aquino previously revealed on TV that she is dating Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. But there are reports online that Mayor Bistek is still in relationship with long-time girlfriend Tates Gana.

*photo screengrab in youtube