Angry Birds Full Version Free Download for PC, Mac and Mobile

Angry Birds Full Version Free Download for PC, Mac and Mobile. I don’t play this game before most often if I have spare time I spend some of it playing Plants vs Zombies not to mention I’m totally addicted on it. I began to have interest on playing angry birds because it’s widely famous now a day and the fact that its title is a bit catchy. I remember before there was also a game similar to this instead of slingshot the players are using mobile to shoot their enemy. Actually angry birds is a bit complicated as compared to what I am referring to what makes this game cute is its sound and characters design. I’ve already played the trial version of the game, I wish someone with kind heart that will give me the full version for free. If ever I will find a full version I will try to include it here as an update.

angry birds free download

You may download the game via their official website I guess.
See the Angry Birds Full Version gameplay details and cinematic trailer in youtube.

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  • Jennifer April 26, 2012, 5:01 pm

    I have been trying to download angry birds for free on my pc for my kids and I cannot seem to get the game, lots of other junk but no game, please help!

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