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Avilon Zoo is the largest in the Philippines with the land area of 7.5 hectares that serves as home to more than 3,000 species of exotic wildlife animals. Animals found are composed of different reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, fresh water fishes and many more. Avilon is located in San Isidro, Rodriguez, Montalban Rizal.

avilon zoo

Avilon Zoo Entrance Rate for 2014:
Regular Rate : P500 per head
Kiddie Rate (3.5 feet below) : P300 per head

Operating Time:
Weekdays                                                    8:00am to 5:00 pm
Weekends including holidays             8:00am to 6:00pm

Contact Details:
Tel numbers: (+632) 948-9866 and 941-8393
Fax number: (+632) 941-8530
Email address: avilonmzp@gmail.com

avilon zoo entrance fee

How to get there:
By public transportation:
If you’ll be coming from Quaipo you can ride jeep or fx bound to Fairview. Then get off at litex, from litex ride jeep with signboard montalban Rizal. Get off at Robinsons Rizal from there ride tricycle (Fare is around P70) going to the Avilon Zoo.

Video of the Bird show:

Some Pictures:

Meerkat Picture

Meerkat Picture

Hyena Picture

Hyena Picture

Black Bear Picture

Black Bear Picture

Currently the best zoo I’ve been after zoobic safari. It would take 2 hours to get around the whole place. Clean and spacious comfort rooms. Animals are well fed, occasionally there are cages that have foul smell but that’s normal I think. According to our tour guide the zoo management is planning to acquire a giraffe soon. I notice they didn’t have an elephant, hippopotamus, and zebra. I was amazed to see that they do have hyena, black bears and meerkat which I can only see by watching NATGEO. Guests can interact with the animals, by buying food for selected animals and feed it by them. Free and spacious parking space.

* Details from Avilon Zoo print ads and pictures were taken during our visit to the place

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  1. noreen says

    hi ask ko lng direction from marikina to avilon zoo, my jip n kasi here for montalban sa may bayan. dadaan din b kaya un dun?

    • mattscradle says

      Hi Noreen, I’m not familiar in Marikina but since meron na dyip dyan going to montalban madali na po yun makapunta sa Avilon. Pwede nyo rin po ipagtanong dun sa driver ng Dyip for directions for sure alam po nya yun. Pasensya na po.

  2. Laila says

    To the management,
    My bday presents to my sister is bring all her family in Avilon zoo. I gave her exact amount if what the cost each person. I saw 300 pesos per person and close 6.00 in the afternoon during weekends, but why when they got there they have to pay 400 pesos per head? I saw here in your website “Entrance fee is 300 pesos” and you were closed at 5.00 pm, they went there on weekends its suppose to be until 6.00 pm. This is not right,if i was a there on that day im not going to go inside the zoo. Make sure all your information written in your site is perfectly right and do it right.

    • zoegod says

      the post was 1 year after ur post. you should checked their official web site and not a personal experience.

  3. Avilon Zoo says

    Please do update your blog regarding the ticket price of Avilon Zoo. We would appreciate the changes as it would help us spread the details of our changes as most people click your blog for inquiries about the zoo.

    Current Ticket Price:
    500.00 php – regular
    300.00 php – below 3.5 feet

    Thanks a lot!

    Avilon Zoo Management

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