Booster : How to Increase / Boost 3G USB Broadband Signal

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This was contributed by a credible source and a Filipino photographer as well, based in Singapore. If you’re looking for ways on how to boost 3G USB broadband signal then maybe this would help end your problem.

Materials that you need:

How to increase broadband signal

1. A strainer with center hole fit for USB dongle

2. 3G USB dongle

3. USB cable

4. Aluminium foil

What you need to do:

1. Perform speed test before the changes will be implemented (this serves as your basis to determine if there is improvement).

Sample speedtest before the improvement

2. Place the USB cable in between the strainer and connect it with 3G broadband USB dongle

How to increase broadband signal 2

How to increase broadband signal 3

3. Wrap the strainer with aluminum foil just like what was depicted in the picture.

3G 4

3G 5

4. Connect the other end of the cable to your computer

5. Perform speed test after the changes has been made. Check if there is improvement on the broadband connection speed.

Sample speed test after the improvement

If you have the available materials at home then why not try it. If you made an experiment about this come back here and share to us the results. You can also like us on facebook so that others would know about this existing technique.

*Hope this would help to improve / Boost 3G USB Broadband Signal at your place. :-)


  1. kevz says

    haha..gagawin ko yan…lapit na ung inoder kong usb xtension with signal booster…pwde po b itaas pa hanggang bubong?hahaha

      • kenneth says

        Hello @mattscradle..ah pde dn ba to sa pocket wifi n my usb dongle ? Kc sun broadband gmit ko and sobrang bagal dn eh ..i hope it work also..pls response

        • says

          Hi Kenneth, you can give it a try po. Just make sure that the setup is the same with the picture. However, I haven’t tried it on a pocket wifi.

  2. kevz says

    si…papano po pla kapag full 5 bar HSDPA signal pero wlang internet speed pumapalo lang between 15kpbps or 10kbps and even zero

  3. Ichabod Crane says

    full signal pare, pero slow ung connection mo? congested cguro ung location ninyo or baka may problema ung tower na nagraradiate ng signal kaya mahina connection mo..

    • DARKNIGHT says

      Masosolve ba nito yung problem ni Kevz above. Same situation kasi kami. Full bar ang smart 3G signal dito sa location ko pero sobrang bagal pa rin internet connection

      • mattscradle says

        Tingin ko po sir hindi. Ang purpose po nito is increase ang signal sa ganyang situation need nyo na mag seek help sa smart.

  4. kiramz says

    panu iconnect yung usb cable sa usb dongle?kasi hindi naman siya maiconnect with each other…I mean yung end nila…

  5. kuliglig says

    Mga sir.

    Pa advice naman po kun san available ung usb extension with signal booster, been going to CD-R king pero out of stocks na daw sila.
    hope you can advice.

  6. says

    Actually it is available mostly on computer outlets(Octagon, Columbia, Villmans, etc..) but the cheapest is @cdrking(and there are a lot of outlets).

  7. kuliglig says


    thanks po sa information.. been trying different outlets of cdr-king puro out of stocks, i will try dun sa others stores u have mentioned..

    thanks again.

  8. kuliglig says


    been to the stores you mentioned kung saan may usb extension signal booster, pero unluckily out of stocks, can you give more names po, currently out of phils po ako nw kaya im asking for help to find the store were we can buy this products.


  9. Kikobugs says

    meron USB extension sa CDR King Victory mall monumento, every wed daw delivery.. 250 for 5m… subukan ko to mamaya sa bahay

  10. axhianica says

    pde ko po ba tong gawing Science Investigatory Project?requirements lang para makagraduate nkakainspire po kasi gawin ito :)

  11. leunamed says

    matry nga to.. kpag mlakas po b cgnal and mbilis ang net sa usb broadband ,, pede din b to gmitin kpag ngtau me compshop?? =)

  12. accessd01 says

    looks good! but just wondering the provider is different from the 2 screenshots (before & after) :p this will not hurt to try, will definitely gain some but doubt a big jump will happen :p

    • mattscradle says

      USB extension cord po ba? un din naman po ang gamit dyan, tapos po yung nasa dulo yung mismong dongle.

  13. Cyvern says

    pede po ba ipang palit sa stainer ang aluminum ung pangkiluhan !!!??? o kaya takip ng kardero bubutasin ko lang sa gitna??? kasi wala kami stainer sa bahay na aluminum?

  14. AGEL says

    mabilis to natry ko sa SMART Bro

    actually gnyan gmt ko now pero mas bumilis nung binili ko yung extension ng sa CD-r king na w/ usb broadband booster

  15. ian says

    okay po siya,,,try ko plastic lng ung pang oven..parang platito taz binalutan ko foil ng gatas taz binutasan ko sa gitna…mdyo bumilis net ko….

  16. spook says

    nagawa ko na yan but still mabagal parin…. i wonder kung ung maliit na payong nmn kaya balutan ko ng foil :D my lalakas pakaya ang signal… and my location at malolos bulacan.

  17. jayd says

    may USB extension din ako with signal booster.
    kaya lng mahina pa rin .
    san ko ba ilalagay ung Strainer?

    sa itaas ng bahay po ba?

  18. mattscradle says

    Kahit po full bar ang signal mabagal pa rin po. I made a speed test with my sun broadband wireless few days ago. Even at five bars it is very slow.

  19. emmanuel lumbres says

    dre gumamet ako nyan 99 percent na ang signal naka EDGE pa rn tapos bagal paren net

    pasagot nmn ng tanong ko ,,, pa send sa fb ko emmanuelyuki@y.c tnx

  20. Tiggy says

    pinaka-magandang gawin mo dyan, bumil ka ng wi tribe usb dongle tapos bilhan mo din ng dongle booster nya… bukod sa mura yung load nila mas maganda yung signal nila kasi pure 4g, unlike sa ibang braodband nasa 3g pa yung signal… another option, bili ka ng usb dongle na meron slot para sa antenna at bilhan mo ng antenna tapos gawin mo din tong mini satellite na pinapakita sa picture pero yung gamitin mo yug signal booster ng cdr king, tyak effective yan.

  21. bong says

    ang galing ng nkaisip nyan ah, its working effective talaga ive made my own version yung lata lng ng sprite in can maedyo maliit nga lng fro sure pag nilakihan ko lalo lalakas ang signal ko

  22. candice says

    Hi! May version kaya nito for mobile wifi device? Bagal kasi ng connection lately ng Sun cel pero wala namang updates why. Thanks.

    • rapo says

      ^ i feel you, kahit sa amin dito sa marikina ang bagal, ganun din, full bar signal, pero DL speeds naglalaro sa 5-12KBps

  23. suremate says

    Best Signal Catcher Still!
    Still Using USb Smartbro here in mindanao & w/ the power of a program I only load P15. every 15days & got unlimited internet for 30days!..

  24. raymartcaro says

    ser matt, anu ba mas ok, ung usb extension na nlbas sa labas ng bhay wherein ung broadband ay covered nman xa ng bote ng coke. o ung desine mo na sa loob lang ng bhay.

    • says

      Hi Raymart sorry but I haven’t tried the one you are talking about here. You can place the one in the picture outside of your window so you can determine which one performs better.

  25. chris says

    thanks for this idea, grabe matagal na ako may problema sa net ko eh

    . . . . kaso ang problema ko nman ngayun eh mataas ang signal ko kaso ang bagal ng net ano kaya dpat gawin ko ?

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