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Bosay Resort is located at Marigman Rd. Brgy. San Roque it is near Galang Compound, Antipolo City, Antipolo, Philippines. This three hectare resort is only an hour away from Manila and tricycle away from the famous Antipolo Church. There are total of 8 pools for guess to choose from, 3 adult pools and 2 kiddie pools available for public use and there are 3 private pools for those guess who like to have private enjoyment.

Bosay Resort

bosay resort turtle pool bigTurtle Pool

bosay resort turtle poolKiddie Pool

disco poolDisco Pool

olympic swimming poolOlympic Size Pool

Bosay Resort Entrance Rates 2013:

(Rates is good only as of the date of writing for the updated list go to Bosai Resort official website).

Adult                                     P170/(Day Swimming 7am to 5pm)               P190/(Night Swimming 7pm to 5am)

Child (4ft and below)     P140/(Day Swimming 7am to 5pm)                P140/(Night Swimming 7pm to 5am)

Cottage Rates:

Round Table With Umbrella   /8 – 10 pax                   Php 600.00

Green Wooden Cottage          /12 -15 pax                  Php 800.00

Kalesa Type Cottage               /15 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Swing Type Cottage               /10 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Wooden Cottage                     /12 – 20 pax                 Php 1,000.00

Special Wooden Cottage        /20 – 25 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Family Cottage                       /30 – 40 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Family Wooden Cottage         /25 – 30 pax                 Php 1,500.00

Double Wooden Cottage        /30 – 35 pax                 Php 2,000.00

Trio Wooden Cottage             /25 – 35 pax                 Php 3,000.00

Tree House With Trilles          /25 – 30 pax                 Php 2,500.00

Tree House (up and down)     /50 – 60 pax                 Php 3,000.00

Veranda I (open type)             /30 – 40 pax                 Php 3,000.00
with 3 VIP Rooms downstairs                                   Php 2,000.00/ each room

Veranda II (air-conditioned)
-Conference Room upstairs    /20 – 30 pax                 Php 3,000.00
-VIP Room downstairs           /10 – 11 pax                 Php 3,500.00

Pavillion I (non-aircon)           /80-100 pax                 Php 8,000.00

Pavillion I (air-conditioned)    /80-100 pax                 Php 10,000.00

Paviilion II (open-type)           /130 – 150 pax             Php10,000.00- Php12,000.00

Executive Rooms                    /10 – 15 pax                 Php 3,500.00 – Php 4,000.00

VIP Room (air-conditioned)   /4-6 pax                       Php 2,000.00

Private Pool Rates:

bosay resort private pool picture


Private Pool I With Jacuzzi Php 12,000.00
Inclusive of one multi-purpose veranda and one private room, 10 pax free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance fee)

Private Pool With Jacuzzi                                           Php 8,000.00
inclusive one private room, 10 pax free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance free)

Private Pool with Jacuzzi III                          Php 12,000.00
Inclusive of two private rooms, 10 pax of free entrance (in excess of 10 pax, plus entrance fee)

Clubhouse/400 – 450 pax                                            Php 30,000.00 – Php 40,000.00

Contact Info:

For inquiries and/or reservation you may call 695-1806 Fax: 695-1807 or you may send email thru info@bosayresort(dot)com

Note: Reservations can be made thru phone, internet or walk-in guests. Guests are advised to reserve their venue/s at least 7 days prior to their check-in date to ensure its availability.

How to get there:

From Manila the fastest way is to ride LRT 2 then alight at Santolan Station, ride jeep going to Antipolo Church alight there then Ride tricycle going to Bosay Resort.

*details and images are from Bosay Resort Website this blog is not related in anyway to Bosay Resort


  1. dang says

    i have 3 kids only 13 yrs old, 12 yrs old and 10 yrs old in 1 room only gus2 ko po mkita ung mga room nu po pwed po po ba mkita room? pls send it 2 my e mail pls thanks

  2. Anonymous says

    Never put this resort in your list. The resort staff (attendants, guards and even the owner) are arrogant. They are not service oriented people. They’re only after the profit. They don’t care about customer satisfaction. The resort has no other amenities except for pools only.

  3. Anonymous says

    Never put this resort in your list. The resort staff (attendants, guards and even the owner) are arrogant. They are not service oriented people. They’re only after the profit. They don’t care about customer satisfaction. No other amenities except for pools.

  4. Annalyn Decastillo says

    Hi Bosay Team!
    We have a company outing this march. Can I have your contact no.? I need an urgent reply.. para mkpgpareserve na din kmi.. pwede ba jan magluto? may videoke ba?


  5. cecille guiam says

    wala po ba kau ng day night rates ?like for example 7am to 11pm?kc malayo ung location namin,so di masyado maenjoy ang time kung 7am to 5 pm lang..kahit additional na lang dun sa entrance rates…

  6. miles says

    dear sir/madam,
    we are about 40 pax . and planning to spend our summer outingat your resort on april 21 pm to 22 am. how can we get reservations. and can we have special discounts because we are a large group ? can we cook and bring food there? any rules and regulations policy that we may know? thanks. looking forward to your urgent reply.

  7. ailyn says

    hi po ask ko lng po kung mgkno po per room kc nsa 20 pax kmi and ask q kung ilng bed per room meron kau?tnx po

  8. jocelyn abenoja says

    ask ko po kung open kau sa friday? kung open po mag pareserve po ako for 8 for day swimming.

  9. vivian says

    Hi, ur get on tag is available for walk der a way we can get a cottage right der & den & without disappointment after ?? thanx

  10. vivian says

    Hi, as ur get on tag, for walk ins..can we get a cottage right der & den without dissapointment after ?? thanx..

  11. Cherry Mae Singson says


  12. Kathy Santos says

    Sad to say hindi kami nag enjoy sa resort na to. Kung ayaw niyo maniwala see it for yourself! Walang kwenta ung mga tao. 1st timer lang ata ang mga customer at hindi na bumabalik dhil sa service nila.

  13. Ian Montecillo says

    The worst resort in Antipolo. They are not after the customers’ need and satisfaction. They are only for the profit. Should not be in your list of resort this summer. BEWARE OF THIS. thanks.

    • jeoval says

      let me ask you why? not to put this resort in my list? profit? that’s only normal bosay is a business they need profit! its not charity i think! unless you are in other resort business! you are affected with it!

    • CUTIE says

      WHY PO???? other side maybe but as far as I know, it is so hard to have a business without PROFIT.. so,are you a BUSINESSMAN????

  14. Richard Rodriguez says

    Super UNFRIENDLY ng mga tao. Naninigaw ung mga life guards nio. Nalunod ung kasama ko hindi niyo man lang tinalon. GINAWA NILANG ISDA. hinagisan lang ng salbabida. HINDI LIFE GUARDS ANG DAPAT ITAWAG SA INYO KUNGI SAFE GUARDS LANG!!! HAHAHAHA.

    • jeoval says

      cguro wala training kasi hnd naman kailangan tumalon ang lifeguard kasi alam ng lifeguard ang trabaho nila kong kailan dapat sumagip ang tawag don mapamaraan ang mahalaga don safe ang kaibigan mo!

    • kulitos says

      heloooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! adik ka ba?????!!!! nakita mo ng nalulunod di sana sinagip mo na…. base sa mga libro na aking nabasa at maging sa mga napapanood ko lalo na ang tungkol sa “WATER RESCUE” HINDI NAMAN KAILANGAN TUMALON AGAD ANG “LIFEGUARD” KASI IYON ANG HULING PARAAN NA PAGSAGIP NG NALULUNOD, ang tawag dun ay PAGGAMIT NG THROW LINE O LUBID O KAHIT ANONG BAGAY LIBAN SA KATAWAN MO at kung AYAW MONG MANIWALA MAAARI KANG MAGTANONG SA PHIL. NATIONAL RED CROSS SAFETY SERVICES..:)))
      …DAPAT ALAM MO IYAN KUYA..!!!! ibig sabihin lang nun, trained ang “LIFEGUARD” na iyon..:)))

    • kulitos says

      paki-tsek ulit ng mga words mo. . . . .D.O.U.B.L.E CHECK hindi ka naman yata ngongo… anong “KUNGI” ????? at ang “SAFEGUARD” sabon po iyan, hello???? sige nga try mo isagip ang ” SAFEGUARD” sa “NALULUNOD”???? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
      ..BAWAL po kaya ang SABON LIKE SAFEGUARD sa POOL AREA..:))))

  15. may tamano says

    We’ve been here few days ago only and I noticed that there is a good parking space. good sink and cottages otherwise many are frustrated to their service since they are very particular with swimwear which means you cannot avail all their pools unless you buy swimsuit from their store.Shower rooms are small and not good. They will not inform or display the requirements before or when you enter their premises that frustrates many customer ending to arguments between the guards. Pools are small and not well constructed moreover wave pool is not moving fast compared to other resort…. I finally rate them from 1 -10 the grade of 4.

    • jeoval says

      you can see the swimwear attire in the net or before paying co’z the rules and regulations of the resort are also located at the entrance of the resort care to read first before paying and about the pool bosay has a big pool rather than other resorts here in antipolo i already swimmed in different pools in antipolo like loreland, cristina villa sunrock marabella femar catleya suba your rate is ok grade anyway

  16. lady says

    Hi Everyone,

    I hate Bosay Resort, not advisable for children, there are cottages na ang layo sa mga pools. they have a pool, which they called turtle pool: literally pang-TURTLE nga siya… Color Green ang water, my nakita pa akong sipon at dahak… I’m sorry, i have to say this, maari kasing panggalingan ng sakit ang pool na yun. It seems to me hindi xa nililinis, the only thing is that malakas ang solution ng chlorine dun sa water, but that’s not an excuse.
    I have a friend, yung sister niya nagkaroon ng Polio dahil sa turtle pool ng Bosay Resort, apparently naligo ang sister niya sa Turtle pool ng Bosay Resort, meron silang kasama na victim ng Polio Virus, hindi naiwasang napaihi ang bata sa pool… so it goes… (i just want the story short.) Hindi ako naniniwala nung una, but then, hindi lang ang sister niya ang nagkaron ng Polio. most of the kids na kasama nila at naligo sa pool na yun, they found out it’s Polio Virus. Too Bad.
    Again, i’m very sorry kung nasabi ko toh’ but this story is true.
    I made this Testimonial para sa mga taong hindi aware kung ano ang meron sa Bosay Resort, there webpage is deceiving. Hindi ganoon ka ganda, masikip. marumi ang water sa pools. Mahal ang 160php. para sa pool na hindi malinis at maraming rules when it comes to swim wear. need to wear this and need to wear that…
    for the management of this resort, you guys need to be ashamed of yourself. Hindi Maganda ang structure at infrastructure ng Resort nyo, you have to do something about this.
    However, if there’s a bad comment about with this testimonial, there’s a good. the good thing is magaganda ang cottages nila. That’s all.

    • val says

      well, nakapunta na rin naman kami diyan and so far, wala kaming trouble na na-encounter. . .anyway, common sense na lang siguro, dba? sa dami ng tao , hindi naman lahat ng guest one on one ng mga empleyado dun… besides it’s summer season… tapos ang laki talaga na place… at isa pa sa “polio” issue mo ‘te, saang bundok ka ba galing at hindi pa yata naabot ng serbisyo ng gobyerno ng pilipinas.. sa pagkakaalam ko matagal ng “POLIO FREE” ang Pilipinas at isa pa sa aking kaalaman, LIBRE PO ITO AT MAGPUNTA LANG SA BRGY. HEALTH CENTER NIYO para alam mo. . .at pakitanong na rin po ‘te kung paano ito nakukuha or nasa dugo niyo lang talaga..peace**

  17. bulokbosay says

    nagpunta kame april 8, 2012 d2 sa bosay resort halos lahat ng swimming pool nila bawal! dapat naka swimsuit talaga! kahit maliit shorts ng girls, pinapaalis p ng mga lifeguard sa stormwave! d nman lhat ng mga pinoy kaya mag 1 pc or 2pc, pati lola kailangan mag swimsuit! na highblood lola ko dahil d2. sobrang strict nla, kailangan maghubad k muna sa harap ng lifeguard bgo ka pumasok na naka 1pc or 2pc. ang liit na nga ng mga swimming pool nila, strict p cla! nag refund kame at lumipat ng ibang resort! HINDI WORTH IT d2 sa bosay resort, di k makaka langoy sa mga swimming pool nla sa sobrang liit at kung mdaming tao. mura nga lang P160 ang mga parking lot sa tabi ng pool super sikip, super strict kala mo nman npakaganda ng resort. ang daming cottages pero ang pool nman ang liit. hanap na lng kyo ng iba na tlga mag eenjoy kyo.. Tama cla UNFRIENDLY ang mga tao sa Bosay.

    • jeoval says

      tama po maan ang ginagawa lumipat nalang kayo ng resort na masusunod ang gusto nyo kc sa bawat resort may kanya kanyang patakaran ang kaso sa bosay may pool ng nakaproper swimming attire meron naman ang hnd kc para rin naman sa atin mga swimmer yon para manatiling malinis ang pool na paliliguan natin

      • rex says

        tama ka jan taga grand homes kami malapit sa bosay dalawa kami pumunta hindi din kami satisfied sa nga pool sobrang higpit halos ayaw na mag pagamit ng pool at sobrang mahal ang round table 6hundred na grabe……….pinoy paki check kami ang boss mo…..

    • miss_undefine says

      Iba-iba ang policy ng mga resort so, we must abide all rules and regulations to enjoy the resort’s amenities.. It’s the RESORT’S POLICY then follow it. We’ve been there several times already. And for the concern of everybody, check first the website of the resort you’ve chosen or through phone inquiries for more information. :) TRY IT NEXT TIME :)

    • jeoval says

      pangit ba sa bosay? nakapasok ka naba? jeds is far from manila tsaka mahal sa jeds magkaiba ang facilities ng jeds at bosay meron sa bosay na wala jeds meron ang jeds na wala ang bosay

      • krissy says

        hi jeoval, tumitingin ako ng resort dito sa antipolo,. and before ako maginquire i always checked sa mga comments ng mga mga sites, ang dami ko kasi nabasa na hindi maganda sa Bosay sa site na to and most of them sinasagot,.. i just wanna ask if nagtratrabaho kba sa bosay or what? hehe kulang nalang kc i-endorse mo eh,. honestly i don’t know pero nakakatuwa ka =D

  18. philipo says

    2 times na kaming nka punta d2 sa bosay resort this april 7 and 14 2012 nako po sobrang sama ng service specially sa sa walk in/no reservation counter mapapamura ka sa kabastusan ng mga tao dun tpos ung mga nag babantay sa pool puro gago mayayabang pati matanda dpat pbang naka 2piece or swimsuit
    the food sa store sobrang mahal pa tpos ung cootage nmen eh pag dating ng 2am sobrang baho amoy babuyan dpat siguro d2 paimbistigahan kay tulfo eh ng magtino lahat owner at employee bulok kayo bosay……

    • jeoval says

      alam mo kapatid bobo ka lang nakapunta kana pala dapat alam muna ang paraan!? na mahirap ang walk-in kahit san ka magpunta dapat magpareserved ka sa linis ng cottage mabaho ba ka mo dba kayo rin ang gumamit ng cottage ibig sabihin non mababaho kayo at baboy kasi bago kayo magpunta at ukopahin ang cottage don ay malinis yon ang bosay ang may pinakamalinis na kapaliran sa resort na mga napuntahan ko ang kailinisan ay sa tao na gumagamit yan! takakatuwa ka naman

  19. philipo says

    sabi sken sa reservation d kami mkkpasok kc wlan na raw cottage panu kaya yun galing pa kami sa malayo tpos may mga dalang pagkain biglang ganun sasabihin ng tao bulok talaga kayo bosay dmanlang gawan ng paraan buti nlng my nagmagandang loob isinabay nla kami sa reservation at cottage nila pero sabi nman ok na sa reservation nlng tpos sa car nlng kami kumain hay panu na kayya ung iba….bosay bulok mabaho pa.

    • Dindin gonzaga says

      This is a mis managed for the reservation…..! Those responsible for it dapat din mabigyan ng Discipline ang mga Personnel niyo…..d dapat Taranta…at mayabang.they have to cater for their Customer Visitors and treat them Well. Remember ang nag Patronize ng Resort niyo mga tao….sila actually ang isa sa nag Financing nito….kung wala sila Walang Kita ! D ba!

    • jeoval says

      yan nga ang sakit sa taong wala pakialam makasarili lng! kaya nga may reservation para segurado na may pupuntahan ka pinapairal mo kasi yang ka bobohan mo tapos maninisi ka mag-isip ka muna kong bakit ganon ang nangyari wala kng reservation db ang tawag don nagbabakasakali ka lang pag wala sorry sa iba nalang ganon talaga

      • famrey says

        Nagbabasa lang po ako ng comments dahil gusto kong malaman kung talagang okay ba sa Bosay. Sa nababasa ko, mukhang panget yata ang service. Kailangan pang naka 1 pc or 2pc sa pools na gusto ko sanang puntahan. Hindi naman lahat kaya mag ganun. Pero kung ganun talaga policy nila. Malayo yung mga pools sa ibang cottages. Bakit din po ba kayo affected masyado sa coment ng ibang tao eh may freedom of speech naman sila. Kung yun yung naobserve nila, hayaan mong mag voice out ng opinion. Hindi yung bawat may magcomment ng against sa Bosay, binabara pati sinasabihan ng hindi maganda.

        • rex says

          tama ka jan eh malapit kami sa bosay bulok talaga nag lalakaihan ang harap…. tas dami manyakis sa paligid sobrang bulok talaga ang bosay!!!!!!!!!pinoy pagalitan mo na kami ang boss mo……..

        • banesto says

          @famrey, tama ka.
          imbes na i-address ang mga napupuna ng ibang tao at flaw ng management dapat siguro ay gawan ng aksyon at paraan kung papaano maiiintindihan ng publiko ang mga policy at rules ng establishment .
          its much better sa business kung ang mga negative na nakikita at na-experience ng isang client ay mabigyan pansin, to improve the service.

          @jeoval, puro ka si “BOBO”, hindi mo ba naiisip ang mga pinagsasabi mo dito? eh, kung dinadaan mo sa maayos na usapan di sana maayos din ang posting dito. magbigay ka ng suggestion na everybody will benefit, hindi yung puro ka bara at wala ring kakahantungan kung ganyan ka, umaksyon ka ng tama nang may pakinabang naman sa iyo.

  20. Erwin Co Ninalga says

    Paki tawag naman sakin ASAP ung private pool and ung public Kung magkano ang April 28 evening to 29 ng pm Kung mgkano, pls call me ASAP 6662978. T.y

  21. Dindin gonzaga says

    Just want to tell u paano nagka Polio yung pamangkin mo? Bakit d ba nabigyan ng booster for antipolio! D ba 21st century ! Everbody is Aware! About the rerequisite na Prenatal and post natal na Vaccinations needed for the kids! Just wondering……??

    • Miled dela cruz says

      Parang tuloy mas lalo nakakawalang gana pumunta sa bosay with persons like @jeoval.. Kung ganyan lang din talaga mga tao sa bosay imbes na makarelax ka imbierna pa outing mo. Gumastos ka na sira pa araw mo.. Tsss

  22. Andrea says

    Di pa ba kayo nakahalata sa mga pananalita ng jeoval na yan……. Kaya ikaw jeoval, alam mo muna kung pano babagsak ang Bosai (magiging bosai-bos Resort na yan…. OO my rules and regulations na dapat sundin! Kaso ang reklamo na nga ng karamihan ang Services ng staff sa bosai….. Pinasok nyo ang business na yan, dapat alam ng Owner at ng staff how to handle ng mga customer’s….. Kapag may reklamo it means needs to LEARN & IMPROVEMENt… Di yung bara ka ng bara dyan….(halatang pikon) Sabagay parating nasa huli ang pagsisisi…….

    • annybebe says

      One of the best comment na nabasa ko! :) i agree with u po. Im looking for a good resorts sa antipolo and bosay ang unang lumabas. but based on the comments, i’d better search for another. :)

  23. Andrea says

    Sinasabihan mo ng bobo yung mga may reklamo….Ikaw sobrang talino mo nga ATA?! Kaya ayan ka BALIW kung maka reply sa mga tao….Bwahahahaha!

  24. buloknga says

    haha onga kung makareply si jeoval mukhang tga bosay.maganda lang sa website pero pag nakita nyo sa personal etong bosay resort, “HA ETO NA YUN?” kc sa sobrang liit.

  25. prince says

    I wouldn’t go back to this resort nor would I ever recommend this to anyone. This resort is
    the”resortification” of elitism and social segregation.

    it very apparent na hinihiwalay nila yung papepera sa hindi. imagine yung mga cheaper cottages ay nasa pinakalikod/pinakadulo ng resort, at nandun din ang mga pinakamaliliit na pools. ang nakakaloka talaga dito eh yung mga main attraction pools nila, eh ang aarte sa swim wear, at napakalayo pa.ang dating, eh pag mahirap ka, dun ka sa dulo at magsikisikan kayu sa mga chipanggang pool na GREEN ang tubig! at kung mapera ka, dito ka sa mga “exclusive” pools. WTF pare pareho lang naman ng entrance fee!

    it really boils down to the swimwear shizznazz. sana eh talagang naghigpit nalang sila sa lahat ng ools, at hinde lang dun sa kanilang “exclusive” attraction pools. ang dami tuloy mga taong nagmukhang TIMAWA dahil hinde pinapapasok sa ibang pools. ang susungit pa ng mga crew wtf talaga! sobrang makakilatis ng suot mo parang pinagmumukha kang kawawa na kailnagan mo pang magmakaawa na makapasok sa pools nila!

    bumili nalang kami ng wife ko ng swimwear para di masayang trip, pero how about the others? wtf sayang lang ang binayad nung karamihan dun.

    tapos yung parking pa pala katabi ng cottages! hahaha wtf talaga, masasagasaan pa yung mga guest dun!


  26. jhane says

    ask ko lang po ..
    merun ba kayong room good for 2persons ??
    sna ung affortable nmin ..

  27. jem says

    wow ang hot ng mga tao dito, hmm based on my experience mejo strict tlga ang lifeguards pero magalang naman sila, umiinit lang ang ulo kapag may makulit na guest like me. i think natural lang naman na mainis ang isang tao kasi tao nga sila and hindi robots, super dami ng tao blockbuster! may mga time lang tlga na mapapisip ka kung bakit ganun, when i asked them, cottage pala ang basehan nila, kapag puno na lahat ng cottages.hindi na sila nagpapasok

    when i read all the comments, i just realized na puro swimming attires ang problem, i think next time better kung magreresearch tayo about their policies and regulations, basta kahit saang resort ang puntahan natin. sa Bosay kasi nainis din kme na bakit hindi allowed ang board shorts sa pools yun pala ay yun din ang policies na binigay ng owner. So as an owner, it’s their freedom kung anong attire ang ipapagamit nila eh sakanila naman yun eh. kapag nagask naman kayo sa receptionist or reservationist ng rules and regulations binibigay naman talga nila. wag lang talagang spoon feeding lagi, we must initiate na alamin kung anong meron sa isang lugar. parang pag pupunta tayo sa abroad diba inaalam natin ang pwede at hindi pwede so relax lang mga kapatid, bka may pagkukulang din tayo at some point

    Sorry din pala sa mga nasigawan ko sa office, mejo may hangover na din kasi ako nun. Thanks

  28. alan g. mejor says

    gud pm po ask k lng kng pwd po bang dumiretso nlng kmi pumunta pra mag swimming ngaun march 02, 2013 sat. kht hnd n kmi magpapa resesrved? pls reply tnx..

  29. alan g. mejor says

    gud pm po ask k lng kng pwde po b dumiretso nlng kmi pmunta jn s bosay resort ngaun march 02, 2013 sat. para mag swimming kht hnd kmi magpapareserved? pls txtbck tnx?

  30. ac says

    haha tma! lhat ng comments binabara. panget pala dito. helpful tlga ung mga ganto. Nagkakaidea yung mga tao. Thanks for all the infos! :) NO to BOSAY :)

  31. Jhe says

    nakaka confuse tuloy if tutuloy pa kami or not..planning to go there but i read the feedbacks,..mas mataas yung percentage ng di na satisfy…masyado ba tlagang mahigpit sa attire? di kasi comftable iba samin mag swim wear eh..

  32. Jhe says

    can you shoot me an e-mail about the rules ..can we bring food and liquior? can we cook? do the resort have videok? we are about more than 10 person not finalize… about the package.. we want to book a reservation this coming March 30,2013.. email me ASAP…

  33. BLA says

    Ay…ang sasama naman ng mga comments..pupunta pa naman sana kami next wk. Grabe naman.. hanap nalang kami iba…..

  34. Antonette Geronimo says

    Hello tanong ko lang po kung gaano kalaki yung wooden cottage and special wooden cottage? Wala po ba kayong picture? Thanks

  35. donna aguilar salientes says

    We wer der last feb 23,2014,(water baptism celeb in r church,provident christian church). and we found out that d place is superb! d children enjoyed swimming in diff pools aftr d baptism rite.their shower rooms r small but clean.yes, dey r strict abt d swim wears.ok lng nmn.un ang rules nila.looking frwrd to going bak der this end of may.:-D

  36. elzabeth wittoms says

    actually nag paplan km mag titita at mag pnsan punta sa bosay resort pero base sa nga nabasa ko na unfrendly ang mga attendantnla dun parang nag dadalawang sp na ako dun,,,, i think isip isip muna kmi malayu ksi kmi bka masayang lang pagod namn kung ganyan pakitungo sayo ,, db

  37. jeff says

    good pm madam/ser

    bkit nmn po ganito bad comment ang nababasa ko dito .. -_- im here in dubai when i see this bosay resort nagandahan ako specially yung disco pool but when i read all comments here mas marami pa ung bad comment why like this??huhuhuh sinabihan kna ang mga friends ko na ppunta kami d2 but now di nlang siguro…dpt kc ung piniling mga staff jan ung mahaba ang pasensya at tlga mgaling mkipag intertain ..pero sa mga nabasa ko nakakawalang gana talaga pumunta jan kc baka mapahiya pa ako sa mga friends ko…i hope na meron kayong gawing action for that guys…mas mabuti pa ang mga taong di nkapag aral eh mas nakakaintindi..

    tnx and have a nice day

  38. Jane says

    Super pangit tlaga yung bosay resort 1rst time nmn pumnta dito customer service nla pngt, pumsok plng kmi sa loob na feel kk na tlga di me mgeenjy dito ksama nmn mga friends at aswa ko grbe dami bawal yung videoke kailngn hangng 10pm lng eh kkarting lng nmn ng 7pm tpos hngng 10lng sino ba nmn mageenjy dun kaya nga kmi pumunta dito kasi filipino Diba magnda nlng cgro ngrent nlng ng videoke sa bahy mgeeenjy kapa Hangang umaga hahaa!!
    Worst is yung disco bar nila kailngn pa bang mgbhis ng 1pc & 2pcs PINOY nga dba di sanay ngganun.kaya sa management o Kung sino man myari ng bosay resort na yan Dapat ayussin niyo yung pgpplakad nnyo. Mag hire ba nmn kau ng mga ignorant na mga guard diyan sa disco bar na guard so rude kailngan pa ata bigyan ng pera para makapasok lng yung di ka na 1pc eh sno ba nmn na mgsuot ng tight eh tanga lng bah! Sinabhan na nga siya nga aswa ko sagot panmn niya “yun po policy namin Kailngn mgwear ng tight ng sorry pa siya””
    Pag balik nmin wtf nagparnig panmn ng masama eh akala niya di namin siya narinig ano kami bobo katlad niya maswerte siya di nmin nkuha name niya Kung di tanggal na sa trabho….marmi policy daw eh bugok namn yung mga policy niyo kaya ayusin niyo!!!! Kaya sa mga gusto mapunta dito kayo na bahala kong gusto niyo..kaya ako ayoko na pumnta dito ayussin mo na nila yung mga tao nila train nila ng maayos!
    Have a nice day!!
    Kaya save ur money guys pumunta kayo sa ibang place na mageenjy kau with ur friends and family!

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