Globe 4G LTE Coverage Areas in Metro Manila

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I got curious if my location in Manila belongs to one of LTE coverage areas of Globe. I checked their official website to search for information that would satisfy my curiosity. I browsed their postpaid plans and their prepaid offerings but couldn’t find the information I needed. It seems that it is not listed yet […]

Smart Prepaid LTE SIM Price and List of Unlimited Internet Data Bundles

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smart prepaid lte sim price

On the second quarter of last year, Smart Communications had introduced the blazing fast 4G LTE internet connection to its postpaid users. Now, even their prepaid subscribers can experience the fastest mobile internet available in the country. This is by getting a Smart Prepaid LTE SIM or converting their existing to LTE-enabled in Smart stores. […]

Sun Broadband Wireless Speed Test in Quezon City

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Sun Broadband Speed Test Trial 1

I am currently at the fourth floor ward in one of the best childrens hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Unfortunately, even if it’s already 2:00am I am still awake and still in front of my laptop doing nothing except reading my facebook news feed. Originally, I do not have plan to perform sun broadband speed […]

I Almost Say Goodbye to my Globe Broadband DSL with Landline

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I almost say goodbye to Globe Broadband DSL with landline bundle. I have my subscription with globe for two years already. In that span I usually got disconnected on the internet when there is power fluctuation, for me that is normal since in matter of minutes the connection will be automatically restored. Few weeks ago […]