Three Steps to Activate Sun Mobile Internet in iPhone 3GS with Speedtest Result 2014

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Here is the complete step by step guide on how you can activate sun mobile internet promos such as iLoads with your iPhone 3GS. I also included below the speedtest results for April 2014 in case you want to know how fast sun’s offering is when comes to mobile surfing.

Step 1. Before you can do anything turn ON cellular data under the general settings. Once done, the cellular data network settings will appear. At the APN type minternet.

sun mobile internet settings for iphone

Step 2. Text <ACTIVATE> then send to 2300 using your sun SIM (free of charge). Wait for the confirmation which you will receive in few hours. In my case I received it within 1 hour.

Step 3. Choose from the available iload promos defending on your surfing preference. Applicable on both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Example: i15 send to 247 for 60 minutes free mobile internet

You will receive a message that reads exactly like below

sun mobile i15

Thats it!!! You can now surf with your iphone 3GS.

Here is the speedtest when I tried sun mobile internet in Tondo, Manila.

sun mobile internet speedtest

Based on my experience it is enough to stay connected on Facebook, search for information online, however, you won’t enjoy watching youtube videos using it.

Hope this help and hope that you enjoy surfing with your sun mobile internet.

Globe 4G LTE Coverage Areas in Metro Manila

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I got curious if my location in Manila belongs to one of LTE coverage areas of Globe. I checked their official website to search for information that would satisfy my curiosity. I browsed their postpaid plans and their prepaid offerings but couldn’t find the information I needed.

It seems that it is not listed yet on their website so, I decided to ask them thru email ( In just few hours I received a reply with the locations.

Here is the list of Globe 4G LTE Coverage Areas in Metro Manila
Bonifacio Global City
Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Avenue

To experience LTE mobile internet speed, subscribers should have LTE-capable handsets with an LTE SIM.

If you are residing outside of Metro Manila and want to know if your location is within Globe’s 4G LTE coverage areas. It would be better to send them an email (just like what I did) via talk@globe(dot)com(dot)ph.

Smart Prepaid LTE SIM Price and List of Unlimited Internet Data Bundles

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On the second quarter of last year, Smart Communications had introduced the blazing fast 4G LTE internet connection to its postpaid users. Now, even their prepaid subscribers can experience the fastest mobile internet available in the country. This is by getting a Smart Prepaid LTE SIM or converting their existing to LTE-enabled in Smart stores.

With an Internet speed of up to 42Mpbs, Smart Prepaid LTE SIM subscribers can download movies in just few minutes. They can watch streaming videos without buffering, and most importantly play online games without the lag. This is on top of the usual call and text.

To have a complete experience of 4G LTE internet, prepaid subscribers should be near hotspot and should be using LTE capable smartphones. Otherwise, they will just experience 3G connection.

smart prepaid lte sim price

Smart Prepaid LTE SIM Price
Micro SIM (Dual cut SIM) – P40 preloaded with 35 all net sms
Nano SIM – P50 preloaded with P50 worth load

List of Unlimited Internet bundles and how to register
LTE 50 offers Unlimited Internet for 1 day. To register just text LTE 50 to 2200
LTE 299 offers unlimited internet for 7 days. Text LTE 299 to 2200
LTE 995 offers unlimited browsing for 30 days. To register just text LTE 995 to 2200

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My Latest Globe Broadband DSL Speed Test in Manila

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In our house we had globe broadband DSL plan 1Mbps for Php990 per month before. Based on online speed test it has a download speed of 115Kbps and a less than 100Kbps upload speed average.

Unfortunately, it was cut down because I was not able to pay the bills for number of months. One of the reasons is that I am currently not in the Philippines for several months now, and sometimes the statement of account from Globe would take forever to arrive like 1 to 2 months delayed. They send to my email the soft copy every month but, I still prefer to wait for the hard one to arrive to present during payment. It’s basically my fault why the connection was cut (yay!!!). My sister had it reconnected but this time she transfer the subscription under her name and also decided to upgrade it to Plan 2Mbps for Php1299 per month.

Last November 2013 I went back to the Philippines to fix things for my son’s home schooling (home study program) so I got the chance to do speed test again for the new plan. It seems that globe broadband dsl has improved.

I got a very unbelievable 250kBps download and 100kBps upload in an average every time I run the test. See below my sample speed test and the time I test it.

Globe broadband speed test at 1AM

Globe broadband DSL speed test at 1AM

Globe broadband speed test 1PM

Globe broadband speed test at 1PM

Globe broadband speed test 7PM

Globe broadband speed test at 7PM

Globe broadband speed test at 9PM

Globe broadband speed test at 9PM

Globe broadband speed test 11PM

Globe broadband speed test 11PM

Based on the test, Globe is consistent with its internet speed, at least in Tondo Manila. Before at plan 1Mbps I cannot play the original dota on garena, now I can play DOTA 2 without experiencing lag at any given time of the day.

There is big improvement when comes to connection, however, I can’t still watch YouTube videos at 720p resolution but that’s OK. All in all I can say that Globe is no longer the Globe I knew years ago.

Previously, Globe would give me headache starting from their customer service hotline (by letting me wait for more than 15 minutes on the phone), then with their repairmen (which would take weeks to visit my house to troubleshoot the connection problem), and lastly, their delayed monthly statement of account.

How about you? What can you say about Globe’s internet speed in your area? Is it still crappy or you finally decided to change ISP?

Sun Broadband Wireless Speed Test in Quezon City

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I am currently at the fourth floor ward in one of the best childrens hospital in Quezon City, Philippines. Unfortunately, even if it’s already 2:00am I am still awake and still in front of my laptop doing nothing except reading my facebook news feed.

Originally, I do not have plan to perform sun broadband speed test, but as I said awhile ago I have nothing to do and somehow can’t fall asleep so I decided to perform series of speed test just to determine the performance of my sun broadband wireless USB dongle.

I think this article will be beneficial to readers particular those residing in Quezon City as it can be used as reference by undecided human beings whether to get a sun broadband wireless or not.

Every time speed test is performed I have signal strength of five bars at HSDPA connection. The test results to an average download speed (in kilobytes per second) of 60kBps and upload speed averaging to 35kBps.

Sun Broadband Speed Test Trial 1

Sun Broadband Speed test Trial 2

Sun broadband Speed Test Trial 3

These speed tests were performed during off peak internet hours (2:00am) so perhaps during peak hours the download and upload speed may become slower. The worst case is, it would be very difficult to find a decent connection at all.

I Almost Say Goodbye to my Globe Broadband DSL with Landline

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I almost say goodbye to Globe Broadband DSL with landline bundle. I have my subscription with globe for two years already. In that span I usually got disconnected on the internet when there is power fluctuation, for me that is normal since in matter of minutes the connection will be automatically restored. Few weeks ago I had no internet connection for almost two weeks, on the first week there is totally no internet connection on the second week my line got fixed, but encountered intermittent connection. It’s like I got disconnected 4 times every hour.
Globe broadband DSL wired

I was disturbed with this happening that it forces me to call globe broadband hotline every other day. On the first week their hotline agent told me that there is ongoing system enhancement on my area in Tondo, the thing is even if the system enhancement thing was finished I still have no internet. After 8 days globe technicians went to my house and were able to restore my internet connection, but after that I experienced frequent disconnection. Days passed I called again their globe broadband hotline to report this new issue. After two days, they visit again my house and do line inspection to trace the problem. They climb up globe posts and found out that part of the wire leading to my house was left open and decaying. According to them, it is the main cause of intermittent internet connection problem. Within 1 hour they were able to resolve my problem. I should say its has been a week when they restored my line and up to now I haven’t experienced internet disconnection yet.

Despite having internet connection problem for weeks I am happy that they were able to provide reasonable effort to solve it. This made me decide not to say goodbye (for now) on my globe broadband dsl with Landline subscription.