Philhealth Contribution Table 2014 for Self-Employed, Voluntary, and OFW

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philhealth contribution table 2014

The latest Philhealth Contribution Table for 2014 has been released. Self-employed, voluntary, and OFW plan your way on when you are going to pay your monthly contribution to experience the full benefits of this social health insurance program from the government. Philhealth has played a very important role in the lives of its members. Often […]

PhilHealth Contribution Details 2013 for Individual / Self Employed

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Philhealth-contribution 2013

Settling monthly Philhealth contribution dues are one of the task that every working and self-employed Filipinos should consider. It is like the premiere health care insurance company of the country and almost every private and government hospitals honor Philhealth. It may not cover all the illness, but it could reduce hospital expenses of a member […]

PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013

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PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013 Tarpaulin

PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation with be hosting its first ever simultaneous nationwide run this coming February 17,2013. PhilHealth Run 2013: Nationwide Mother and Child Protection was inspired by the two highly successful running events hosted by its Mindanao regional centers. This event expects to draw 100,000 amateur and professional runners all over the […]

How to get Philhealth Number (Online, From Previous Employer, via Text)

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philhealth number information

If you want to get philhealth number or you want to know the contact details of the nearest philhealth office in your area then this post will help answer your queries. Get Philhealth Number from Previous Employer Assuming you have worked in private and/or government companies, when it comes to getting your philhealth number the easiest […]

Download Philhealth Forms Here Free

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philhealth forms

You may now have a copy of Philhealth forms for free without the hassle of going to your company / hospital to get the hard copy of philhealth forms. This way you can save time, transportation fare and energy. You can avoid the traffic and you won’t get wasted simply by downloading the Philhealth forms […]

Philhealth Branches in Metro Manila NCR, Contact, Website 2014

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Philhealth Branches or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Branches are one of the most important among the government agencies (for me :-) ). It focuses on providing health insurance to every Filipinos whether you are self employed, company employed or working abroad. I’m not really familiar with PhilHealth all I know is once you started working […]