Philhealth Contribution Table 2014 for Self-Employed, Voluntary, and OFW

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The latest Philhealth Contribution Table for 2014 has been released. Self-employed, voluntary, and OFW plan your way on when you are going to pay your monthly contribution to experience the full benefits of this social health insurance program from the government.

philhealth contribution table 2014Philhealth has played a very important role in the lives of its members. Often it was realized only in times of health problems. A member needs to be hospitalized, or its dependents have to undergo an emergency procedure. After which, the member who would pay the hospital bill will say “good thing I have Philhealth, my bill was reduced significantly.” On the other side, those members who don’t pay their contribution regularly regret much when unforeseen health problems occur.

For responsible members just continue with what you are doing, and for those members who won’t pay their contribution maybe, this is the time to change your mind as it would really benefit you and your dependents in the long run.

Philhealth Contribution 2014 Rates for Self-Employed and Voluntary

Self-Employed and Voluntary or individually paying members (IPMS) having an income of P25000 pesos and below should pay contribution amounting to P2400 per annum. IPMS who have an income above P25000 shall pay P3600 annually. Payments can be done quarterly for P600 every quarter, Semi-annually for P1200, or annually for P2400.

Philhealth Contribution 2014 Rates for OFW

Overseas Filipino Workers will have to pay P2400 annually. It can also be paid Semi-annually for P1200. This could benefit ofw’s qualified dependents in the Philippines whenever the latter would encounter ailments and the like.

Where to pay your contribution

The fastest is to visit Philhealth branches. Payments can also be processed on Banks, Philippine Postal Corporation, CIS bayad center, MLhuillier Phils, Inc., LBC Express, SM Retail Inc., and LGU.

OFWs can pay overseas via Development Bank of the Philippines, Phil. Veterans bank, IRemit, Inc., Land Bank of the Philippines, Ventaja International Corporation, Bank of Commerce, and Other collecting agents.

PhilHealth Contribution Details 2013 for Individual / Self Employed

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Settling monthly Philhealth contribution dues are one of the task that every working and self-employed Filipinos should consider. It is like the premiere health care insurance company of the country and almost every private and government hospitals honor Philhealth. It may not cover all the illness, but it could reduce hospital expenses of a member and their relatives. I do not know if it’s only me, but when I was able to settle my dues I felt relieve. Relieve in a way that when someone has to go the hospital I would have to worry less about it financially (hopefully).

I was able to visit Philhealth Branch near Quirino LRT station last week. My purpose of visiting the office is to settle my Philhealth contribution as voluntary/self-employed. Instead of settling it quarterly I decided to pay my contribution for the whole year. It costs me P1800. It is expensive, But for me it’s worth the buck. It’s like paying for inner peace for the whole year (yay!!!). I know I am not the only self-employed in the Philippines so I am sharing this Philhealth Monthly payment scheme in case you wanted to settle your dues with the government’s health care insurance agency.

Philhealth-contribution 2013

The new payment scheme is updated as of January 2013. Annual payment is P1800, Semi-annual is P900 and quarterly is P450.

If you are planning to visit their office I would suggest that you come at 8AM, or after lunch time at 1:30PM. This is to avoid surge of people settling also their contributions.

Update: Please see Philhealth Contribution Table for 2014 for the rates and other details.

PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013

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PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation with be hosting its first ever simultaneous nationwide run this coming February 17,2013. PhilHealth Run 2013: Nationwide Mother and Child Protection was inspired by the two highly successful running events hosted by its Mindanao regional centers. This event expects to draw 100,000 amateur and professional runners all over the country to run simultaneously with one thinking, which is Universal health care in the Philippines.

PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013 TarpaulinRunners will gather in 18 major cities in the country including Tuguegarao, Baguio, Dagupan, Clark, Malolos, Manila, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Batangas, Legazpi, Tacloban, IloIlo, Cebu, Butuan, Cagayan De Oro, Marawi, Davao, Zamboanga and Koronadal. The 18 cities signify PhilHealth’s 18th Anniversary in providing services to Filipino people. The proceeds of this event will support national and regional institution for protection of mother and children over the country.

Race categories are 18K, 10K, 5K, 3K. There is an ongoing registration for this event. To register, please go to or visit PhilHealth Local Health Insurance Offices and PhilHealth Express.

How to get Philhealth Number (Online, From Previous Employer, via Text)

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If you want to get philhealth number or you want to know the contact details of the nearest philhealth office in your area then this post will help answer your queries.

Get Philhealth Number from Previous Employer

Assuming you have worked in private and/or government companies, when it comes to getting your philhealth number the easiest way is inquire directly to your previous employer by simply going back or calling their office and ask the HR personnel who handle these types of concern. Lets just hope that they still have your records. Now, for whatever reasons, you don’t want to seek help from your previous employer, you can inquire directly to philhealth office near you, or go to the main office. Its Head office is located at Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City 1603, Philippines. Before going to their office I suggest that you inquire first to their call center hotline 441-7442 or send an email via info(at) It will help you save time, money, and effort.

How to get Philhealth Number thru Text

Aside from mentioned, you can also get your ID Number thru txt philhealth, though as of the moment this system is available only for smart subscribers.

To know your PhilHealth ID Number, type the following:

PHIC<space>PIN<space>Last Name,First Name <space>Birthdate using the format (mmddyyyy) and send to 2960

Example: PHIC PIN Cordero,Rommel 06201974

For philhealth members having extension name (Jr., Sr., III, etc.), type

PHIC<space>PIN<space>Last Name,First Name, ExtensionName<space>BDAY(mmddyyyy) and send to 2960


To know more about your philhealth number andother concerns such as, Lost ID, claim status, qualified dependents please take a look at the picture below.

how to get philhealth number thru text

First Time Philhealth Number Application

The first two mentioned are for those who already have existing number. What about those who haven’t got one? Go to any philhealth branches near your location. It is advisable to prepaire two valid ID’s for verification purposes. Fill up member registration form then submit. Wait for the Member Data Record (MDR). After wards pay the needed amount or premiums. Individually paying members can pay P600 quarterly, semi-annually of P1200. If you want to pay for the whole year you have to shell out P2400.

OFWs can also become a principal Philhealth member for their dependents in the Philippines. They just have to submit filled-up member registration form to the nearest branch together with other needed documents. Wait for the MDR then pay the P2400 for whole year coverage.

Become a Philhealth Member thru Online Registration

Becoming a member can now be done via online registration. Self-employed, employed, OFWs, and retirees from private and government sectors can become a member without going to PHealth branch -They can do it electronically. Go to

philhealth registration online

Supply the needed personal information, contact details, address, dependents information, guardian information, membership category information. Aspiring members can also upload the scanned copy of needed documents. File should be not more than 2MB.

*Hope this can ease your burden in getting back your philhealth number. Please be reminded that I am not in anyway related to this government office. I am also like you who sometimes forget my id number and have to visit their respective offices to get mine. For your own safety, don’t leave any comments that includes your complete name, personal details such as mobile number, ID number.

Download Philhealth Forms Here Free

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You may now have a copy of Philhealth forms for free without the hassle of going to your company / hospital to get the hard copy of philhealth forms. This way you can save time, transportation fare and energy. You can avoid the traffic and you won’t get wasted simply by downloading the Philhealth forms here. After downloading the forms you can go to the nearest computer shop to print a hard copy. Much better if you own a personal computer with printer so you can print as many philhealth forms as you want and give it to those who are in need. Remember the old saying “it is better to give than to receive.”

Claim Form 1 (CF1) on  PhilHealth_ClaimForm1

Claim Form 2 (CF2) on PhilHealth_ClaimForm2

Claim Form 3 (CF3) on PhilHealth_ClaimForm3

To print the PhilHealth forms you should follow the printing instructions below.

Step 1. Print PDF file (upper left)

philhealth forms

Step 2.  Check the auto-rotate and paper source by PDF page size. Make sure that it fit just right to the paper size required by philhealth.

Step 3. Print the page. Get as many copies as you like. Since it is free, you can also give it to friends and to those who needed it.

*I got the forms on philhealth website

Philhealth Branches in Metro Manila NCR, Contact, Website 2014

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Philhealth Branches or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Branches are one of the most important among the government agencies (for me :-) ). It focuses on providing health insurance to every Filipinos whether you are self employed, company employed or working abroad.

I’m not really familiar with PhilHealth all I know is once you started working under any status (regular, casual or contractual) in government or private sectors you are automatically become a member. Supposedly, it is your employer who will do the processing of your philhealth ID all you need to do is supply the needed information.

philhealth branches

For those who are planning to leave the corporate world to become self-employed but still want to continue your philhealth membership you can inquire to specific branch that covers your area.

philhealth logo

Below are the complete lists of Philhealth branches in Metro Manila

Manila Area
Address: 4/F, Marc I Bldg., 1971 Taft Ave., Malate Manila
Email address: so.manila
Contact Number: 523-9481; 526-9842; 521-6776; 522-1745; 523-6121

Philhealth Office Caloocan
G/F Remcor Bldg., Rizal Ave. Extension bet. 10th & 11th Ave., Caloocan City
Telephones Number: 365-2012; 365-2014; 365-0464

#94 P. Cruz St., 2/F Rustans Express Boni Avenue,
Brgy. San Jose, Mandaluyong City
Contact number: 532-0095; 532-0449

Quezon City
Covered areas : Marikina, Quezon City, Rizal, San Juan
F.R. Estuar & Associates Penthouse, Estuar Building,
880 Quezon Ave., Quezon City
Contact Number: 332-1550

Rizal Cainta
The Brick Road Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall,
Marcos Highway cor. Felix Ave., Cainta, Rizal
Contact Number: 681-5499; 681-5111; 681-5164; 646-5844

Makati Area
Covered areas: Makati, Pasay
337 ITC Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue,
Makati City
Contact Number: 897-1598; 897-2759; 897-6329; 897-3337; 899-4506

Las Piñas Area
Covered Areas: Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Parañaque
471 Editha Building, Alabang-Zapote Road,
Almanza I, Las Piñas City
Contact Number: 556-5374; 556-5685; 801-5256; 556-5687

*This blog is not related to philhealth. I just got the details from their official website ( ). For your own security please do not put on the comment section any personal information that you have.