Divisoria Wedding Gowns, Philippines

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Looking for an affordable wedding gowns or bridal gowns can be difficult if you don’t know where to look for. It’s also a big problem if you are experiencing tight budget but still want quality design of gown so you will become the most stunning woman on your big day. We’ll then if you’re within Metro Manila Area or in adjacent provinces like laguna, bulacan, Rizal and Cavite I would suggest to look for wedding gowns in divisoria. Aside from the fact that divisoria offer very affordable goods you might still don’t know it yet but wedding gowns in divisoria comes with very good design.

Divisoria Wedding Gowns 2

If you plan to canvass for wedding gowns I would suggest you visit Tutuban cluster building mall, Divisoria Mall, I68 Malls (4th level) and some stores in Juan Luna street. Might as well bring high skilled price haggler with you so there will have huge possibility that you can get ideal wedding gowns at a much cheaper price.

To give you idea check the pictures on this divisoria wedding gown post which I have taken during my visit in 168 Mall few months ago.


    • mattscradle says

      Yung price po kasi ma’am elizabeth depends on the number of persons sa entourage. Pero yung sa amin kasi 14 persons nasa 35K.

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