Download Angry Birds for Blackberry Playbook

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Blackberry fans finally the long wait is over you can now play angry birds on your blackberry playbook. The three versions of the game particularly angry birds, angry birds rio and angry birds season can now be downloaded in blackberry app world at $4.99 USD each.

I was looking to download angry birds free in blackberry app world but it seems there is no free version. This is much different for the iOS and android users which normally has free to play versions of the game because of the ads shown before and after you finish every stage and during loading time. One thing I notice is that the price per download is way expensive as compared to apple app store and android market.

Angry birds in other platforms already reached more than 500 Million downloads and counting. 266 Billion levels played, 400 Billion birds launched and 44 Billion stars collected. It ranked number 1 in 79 countries. Unfortunately the game is not available yet for blackberry phones such as storm, curve, torch and other models.

To download the game go to blackberry app world and search for angry birds.

* Image screengrab from blackberry app world


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