Download Angry Birds Free for Samsung Galaxy Y

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Angry Birds is now available for download for your Samsung galaxy y. Yes you heard me right the ever entertaining cute game is playable even for an entry level android phone Samsung galaxy y. I thought the game is only available for high end GPU loaded smartphones such as samsung galaxy s II and or HTC smartphones but as I watch the youtube video it can also be played smoothly in Samsung galaxy y which is good news the latter’s owners.

Watch Angry Birds season being played in Samsung galaxy y below:

Angry Birds is a strategy video game which currently comes in three different versions namely angry birds, angry birds season and angry birds rio. The game can get you hooked for hours due to its cute sound and challenges that lie ahead as you complete different game stages. As of the moment I think angry birds original version and angry birds season is yet available for Samsung galaxy y hopefully rio will also be playable in the coming months.

angry birds free download link for Samsung galaxy y.


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