Download Angy Birds Space for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC

You can now download angry birds space for android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and on PC. If you find excitement with the previous angry birds version you will surely become addicted again to this game latest installment. Just today, Rovio the maker of the hottest game on mobile, has announced that angry birds space is now available for download.

It all started when snow cube like angry bird carrying golden egg appeared through a wormhole and landed on the angry birds territory. Unfortunately, the golden egg is place near the eggs of the angry birds so when the giant claw gets the golden egg, the angry birds’ eggs were also included. All the angry birds used the slingshot to go after the giant claw through the wormhole.

angry birds space free download

Angry birds space will feature different game play strategies since there is new bird added from the original angry birds team. Gravitational force from adjacent planets will also play important role for birds to complete each level. There will be asteroids and TNT which can work in favor, and against the angry birds, but with these new obstacles angry birds will have new superpowers that will destroy every space pigs that will block the way of the angry birds.

Angry birds space will bring new level of excitement with gravity aided trick shots, 60 outer-space levels, zero gravity space adventures, hidden bonus levels, free regular updates and new detailed backgrounds.

To download angry birds space for iOS, Android, Mac and PC, all you need to do is visit apple app store, google play, Rovio website and mac app store for mac.

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