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Garena is the largest online gaming platform in Southeast Asia which let each player play real time strategy games online. However, to have this privilege the first thing to do is download Garena messenger plus. Popular games such as League of Legends, Heroes of New Earth, and Black Shot can be played under the platform. Recently, it expanded and includes Dota and Age of Empire to their line up.

Aside from gaming, this platform enables users to get in touch with gamer buddies from Southeast Asia. It allows player to receive private messages from friends who also download Garena and installed it to their PC. There are lots of features that Garena have, it enables gamer to organize clans and groups, along with it players can share gaming tips to specific person or group in private and public chat rooms to gain international friends. Depending on player’s preference, chat window can also be customized through settings under themes tab.

download garena plusI am not familiar with Garena till I visited my cousin which at that time is playing dota online at their house. I am also now aware that it is possible since I only play dota at home against insane AI’s. To download Garena plus with messenger for free, go to their official website. File size is only 38MB. It would only take maybe less than five minutes if you have decent DSL / broadband connection at home or in any internet shop all over the Philippines.

On my next article, I will discuss how to play dota with Garena and dota hotkeys.

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