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Plants vs Zombies Full Version Download Free trial mode can be downloaded to their official website. It’s been a couple of months since I wrote my first article about this game and yet up to know I’m still addicted on playing it. Every night before we go to sleep my four year old son always request me to play this game while he is watching, he even likes to mimic those zombies moves. I was able to finish the whole game repeatedly. Now I am stuck on playing the survival mode endless which I was able to finished 23 flags. I’m currently thinking of strategies on how I can keep my brain from being eaten by those zombies. I don’t want to use cheats in this game because I’m just playing it not to compete but to have fun. Now I’m sharing this game which I downloaded from the internet several months ago.

plants vs zombies free downloadTo download the game visit their official website.

Try this setup strategy during the Survival Endless mode

plants vs zombies survival endless

Note: Have fun, Just don’t let your brains be eaten by those zombies.  You may share this on facebook so that others would know about this.

Update January 2014:

Plants vs Zombies 2 :It’s About Time is now been released. Visit app store, and googleplay to download the free version.

* Plants vs Zombies Game was downloaded from the Internet, Survival mode picture are property of their owner. If you are addicted playing dota, you can also read my post about dota hotkeys.


  1. lucky says

    hey,,, is this trial or full version?? may internet seems too slow for downloading sad i want to play this game..

  2. says

    how do you say it doesn’t work if you haven’t extracted it yet and play it. It is much easier to download a winrar than finding a full version of this game. Actually there are already 300 downloads from that link and none was complaining about it in winrar. You come back here if you had extracted it and have it played. Tell me if it doesn’t work, ok happy playing.

    • says

      Hi Julius, It’s working try to read other comments from this article. You just have to download winrar and extract the file before you would be able to play it. As of now it has 429 downloads. No one came back here and said it does not work.

  3. says

    There is a link below the article. Please check it again, also I placed a link where you would be able to download winrar. Thanks for spending time to place a comment.

  4. Troy says

    THANKS so much,,,it is working I will comment again if there will be problem soon but I think it will not happen……

  5. france07 says

    ive been trying to figure out how can i get teh full version but looks like theres no available survey…something for our country…please help me i really want to get the full version of plants vs zombie…my daughter is asking me for it.

  6. MJ says

    i’m trying to download your free plant vs zombies but it wouldnt let me… everytime i click on it it it tells me sorry no available survey at this time…is there any reason why? please please help me i really like this game =( thanks!

  7. John says

    i did the survey but then it wont let me download it because my firefox keeps closing so i have to do it all over again help me!

  8. krizz says

    There are no surveys available in my country! my country is philippines./ u have surveys for that? and how about U.S.a…. u have surveys for dat to?

  9. michelle says

    there r no surveys available here.. can u cend me a link where i could download it without surveys plants vs. zombie full version?? pls help me.. cend it to my email thank u very much i need it

  10. candytuff says

    pano ba magdownload dito? i cant download, tapos na ako sa winrar nagdownload whats next? bakit walang survey pagnagdownload??

  11. candytuff says

    how can i download plants vs zombies in this page? kailangan pa ba ang survey, bakit walang survey lumalabas? naka download na ako ng winrar!! whats next?

  12. Andre, Mommy Violy & Daddy Thadz says

    WE LOVE TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! specially our son andre! we can’t download this game, can you teach us… THANKS!!!:-)

  13. lanie says

    i spent my whole vacation in phils. playing this game. Now im in kuwait i want to download it in my mobile so i can play anytime n anywhere i go.

  14. erin says

    my kids would like to play the full version of plants vs zombies…please help me download the full version.

  15. Luz says

    really enjoyed playing this game on a friends laptop. been trying to download on mine but I’m having difficulties… is there a simpler way???

  16. wer? says

    `need help .. how to download it . when im on it . it doesn’t display any download … please how can i download it !!!


    how to download full version plants vs zombies?? i try many time but cannot. can send me the folder??? tks.

  18. bro says

    saan po ako pwedeng makakuha ng link para maidownload ung plants vs zombies full version? plz gusto ko talaga ung game na to!!!

  19. Olin says

    i tried downloading the free WinRAR and it said for me to get it i had to buy something from certain stores.
    did i click the wrong link(Get WinRAR free with gamefly)?

  20. Secret says

    I Love this game,Ive been playing this all the time on TRIAL VERSION ONLY! but the time that my TRIAL VERSION expired,i feel bad, i can’t play this anymore, but when i heard that we can play Plants vs. Zombies through what i call “COPY INSTALL”,it means you can copy Plants vs. Zombies game from other computer and paste it on your Computer,its easy.I Give you the steps below.

    Instructions: (Sorry,steps is unavailable!)

  21. don says

    My niece asked me a favor to download this game for her… she has the trial version and wanted to have the full version…

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