Globe Broadband with Landline has Free Unlimited Calls to Globe and TM phones

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I call talk2globe today because I got interested with their promo about free unlimited calls to Globe and TM phones using my Globe Broadband DSL with landline plan. Their agent explained to me that I have two choices; first choice is I can avail unlimited calls to Globe mobile phone free for six months. However, my account will be tied with them on that duration. Once the duration expires and I still want to have unlimited call service, I have to call their hotline to tell them about my extension. In this case, there will be another 6 months lock-in period. If the period lapse and somehow I forgot to call them for the re-lock, I will have to pay P99 extra for month of use. Second choice is no lock-in period, but I have to pay extra P99 on top of my monthly bill to avail the service.

Globe Broadband Bundle

New subscribers can avail unlimited calls to Globe and TM for free, but with lock-in period of 24 months (2 years). The advantage of new subscriber is they do not have to call Globe hotline every six months to re-lock their account. Also, there will be no extra charge of P99 per month since it is already included in the monthly bill.

This offer is helpful to customers who have relatives subscribe to any of Globe plans, but I do not want get tied with them for another six months so I will not buy this promo.


  1. kristine says

    How can i call using globe landline to globe cellphone? Globe website doesn’t explain this and i dont have any manuals… :(

    • damnwafu says

      can i ask something about the problem to unlimited call to phone to mobile ? i encountered that too. i dont know how to use it too .. can u help me if you already know it? thanks

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