Globe Micro Sim Card Price

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Need a Globe Micro SIM card? There are ways on how to acquire a globe micro SIM. Existing postpaid or prepaid subscribers can ask for the micro version of their regular SIM card at any globe business centers in Malls.

globe micro sim card

For those who plan to become a globe subscriber, the prepaid micro SIM can also be purchased at any of their business centers for only Php40. Postpaid micro SIM application on the other hand would take days to be approved since according to globe the approval process takes place at their main office.


    • Bloomer. says

      This kind of sim is used for some phones like the apple.. Micro is smaller than the usual sim we are using :) just the size bro. :) just the size.

  1. KikO23 says

    These mico sim cards are used in phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which requires not the old, common sim cards, but micro sim cards.

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