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How to Get BDO ATM card when the old one got Captured or Lost

How to get new BDO ATM card? Is the first question in mind when my six-year-old Equitable PCI ATM card got captured several days ago. I am about to withdraw thousands to buy myself an iPhone 5 on kimstore when unfortunately, the incident happen for reasons I do not know. Since, I will not be able to retrieve my antique ATM card (because it is captured in an ATM in Puregold Tayuman), I decided to call BDO hotline number 631-8000. The first thing that the customer service representative did is to block my captured ATM card. He afterwards explained that I have to visit BDO branch where I open my account to get new ATM card. Also, I have to bring two valid ID and payment of Php120 for the new card.

bdo atm card

I have to choose between generic and personalized ATM card. The difference between the two is, generic card can be acquired within the day the downside though, when captured again (hopefully not) there is no way for me to retrieve it. Personalized ATM card (customers name embossed on it) on the other hand is obtainable after five working days. This type of ATM card is retrievable when accidentally captured by machine attached to the bank. I need the card immediately so I chose the generic type.


Last November 5,2013 my BDO ATM card was again captured by ATM attached to BDO bank. Good thing I was able to get it back immediately. I just told them a very honest reason that I need to retrieve it because I will go abroad on that same day and will be using it to withdraw cash overseas.

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