Katrina Halili Baby Talk Viral Video 2012

Karina Halili Baby Talk Viral Video of 2012 sets again the web on fire. I was watching eat bulaga live today when the news was shown on commercial break, that there’s new Katrina Halili video. Since my laptop was open I search on google for the said story, in no time I was able to watch it on youtube. However, it seem that the video is already been on the web for more that 2 years (uloaded on June 2009). I just don’t understand why it is only now that the video surfaced. There is nothing much happened on the conversation perhaps it is Katrina Halili who’s been talking that’s why it gone viral.

On the video Katrina Halili portrays an innocent baby girl talking to a matured male. I seem cannot identify who owns that male voice though. They talked about their happy moments together, and what they do on their idle times. They also share their future plans some thoughts about going to Palawan and the like.

If you want to watch the video all you need to do is go to youtube and search for Katrina Interview.

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