Manila Ocean Park Entrance Fee, Promo, Guide Map

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Manila Ocean Park has this ongoing promo where you can avail different attraction package at much lower rates. The promo started on November 5,2011 and will end on January 15,2011. Since we already witnessed Sea Lion Show in Ocean Adventure we decided to avail penguin delight promo A for P600 per pax (originally priced at P700).

You might think it is expensive but actually I should say its value for money since the package includes Oceanarium, Penguin Exhibit, Antarctica Halfway Exhibit, Slide O’ Fun and Snow Village which would take more than 3 hours to finish. For some details I have attached their promo package photo which I took during our visit in the place.

Manila Ocean Park Package with Penguin Exhibit Entrance Fee:

Penguin Exhibit Promo Package A – P600
Penguin Exhibt

Promo Package B – P900
Ultimate Experience
Penguin Exhibit

Promo Package C – P600
Musical Fountain
Sea Lion Show
Penguin Exhibit

Other Packages without Penguin Exhibit and Rates:

Moonlight Adventure – P500
Musical Fountain Show

Ultimate Experience – P800
Sea Lion Show
Fish Spa
Musical Fountain Show

Marine Life Encounter – P500
Sea Lion Show

Manila Ocean Park Guide Map Picture:

Promo package A Ticket picture:

Penguin Exhibit Recorded Video:

*Got the details during our visit at manila ocean park.


  1. says

    Honestly, hindi pa ko nakapunta sa Ocean Park here in Manila., hehe might as well try since maganda ang deals ngayon.. :) thanks sa info!

  2. jesus o. pado says

    gud pm.

    kindly send me hints on entrance fees this coming MArch April and May; and what are the promos may be availed of if I will send a bulk of tour participants just to enjoy more with your formidable park?

    Please send me some updates……..

    Thank you.

    Very truly yours,

    Mr. Jess Pado
    Naga City

  3. rusyjohansson says


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to inquire on behalf of my family who will spent holiday in Manila. They plan to visit Manila Ocean Park. I’m eager to know what is the cost of entrance fee for coming. How much for adults and for the children for the month of July, 2012.

    I would appreciate very much your kindly reply. Thank you.

    Very truly yours,

    Rusy Johansson

  4. ivy says

    helo good day.i’m planning to bring my 2 yr old baby and the rest of the members of our family to ocean park this sept. 29 or 30. may i ask if there are any promos for group visits in ocean park?it’s the 2nd bday of my baby too so as much as possible we want her to enjoy and also us without spending much.can you please give me an update of the newest promos.thank you and i hope i cud get a response from you.

  5. Jeanet Madriaga says

    I’m planning to bring my 2 kids, and 3 more kids to ocean park this coming Dec. 21. Ask ko sana kung anong promo ang pwede para samin?
    Thanks and more power!!!!!!!!

  6. clarissa lee says

    hello I”m planing my 2 kids to visit the snow village because last time we go to ocean park we did not experience to see so im plan dis xmas we would like to spend this occasion in manila cant u pls give some details about the schedule and the for snow viilage i hope u reply soon tnx..

  7. ivie says

    hi im planning to bring my kid to ocean park this coming april or may 2013. can you give me details for the package including the snow village. and also for the other packages that you have for that month. thanks and im been waiting for your reply regarding for that.

  8. ela says

    we are planning to visit manila ocean park this coming april 2013…can you give the promo packages and its prices?tnx..ill waith for your rep…

  9. Evelyn says

    Blessed evening Sir/Madam,
    We are planning to visit Manila Ocean Park this coming Sunday April 14, 2013 with my kids, can you give the promo packages. Do you have an entrance fee there? What is the different between buying voucher in Metro Deal with your package promo there? What is the best time to go there? Thank you…will wait for your reply…More power…

  10. julie ann tumale says

    Me and my family is planning to visit manila ocean park on april20 2013 its my daughters 2nd birthday on the 20th of april i want her to experience oceanarium..she loves sea creatures.. May i request for a good deal and list of the packages for 3person me,my hubby and my daughter chloe..thank u very much, hope to get arply from you guys..all the best

  11. sofia manor says

    any promo on july 2013 ? good for 3 persons un isa po is 6 yr old .. we want to experience oceanarium..our son loves to see sea creatures and the snow village na din po.. list of the packages would be much appreciated..thanks

  12. arnel dianasas says

    please send me the latest entrance rate or latest promo package because we’re planning to visit ocean park before end of summer. thank you

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