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  1. MAYA says

    my family will be visiting ocean park on June 13, 2012 in the afternoon 8pax. I saw in your website that you have summer getaway promo buy 5+2. we are from general santos . where will we buy our tickets? do we still have to make reservation for this? can we enjoy all the inclusive activities for FUN Deals A or B if we arrive late in the afternoon? thank you.

  2. mau victa says


    can you email me a price for we are 6 adult and 2 below 4 yrs old for deal A.

    thank you

  3. suzette says planning to celebrate my son’s bday at manila ocean much is the ticket for all the
    attraction including the entrance fee for each the rate still the same for january of 2013.can we
    bring our own food inside?thanks

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