My experience with Globe Broadband DSL

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I’ll share my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. I was a subscriber of PLDT DSL plus landline bundle for almost one and half year, their service was ok however, I think that paying P990 for just a 384Kbps subscription is quite expensive and the internet is slow considering the maximum download speed was only 32Kbps. I think that the internet speed was not good enough and does not suit my daily web surfing activities like watching naruto online, downloading. So I decided to upgrade it to P1300 even though there would be an additional P400 on my monthly expenses with only 512Kbps subscription again even though it was upgraded and the download speed was doubled from 32 it become 64Kbps still there are times when the internet was very slow I think less than 20Kbps download speed.

Globe broadband DSL wiredMid of January 2010 Globe had this promo of Globelines Broadband Landline plus Internet (DSL) wired. It is almost similar with PLDT’s offer. The only difference is I’m going to pay only P990 for the internet speed of 1MBps thats basically 120KBps download speed and 60Kbps upload speed it is pretty much faster than PLDT and It would incur me a savings of P400 pesos monthly. Analyzing the situation with free installation so as the technician had said, I decided to avail the promo in just a matter of 1 week I had my new ISP (internet service provider). One thing that made me feel bad was when the technician did not tell me that I have to pay 1 month advance subscription fee in my opinion it is somewhat a form of hidden charge. In terms of internet speed it is always slow in the afternoon. During the time I was writing this article I checked the download speed and it was only 17Kbps and upload of 3.5Kbps at around 5:40PM. Occasionally there is a temporary internet disconnection that would last about maximum of 3days and minimum of half day. From the time I subscribe to this promo I encounter more than 10 disconnections. Their technical support is good only from 8am to 5pm later than that you won’t be able to contact them. In my opinion my subscription with Globe broadband dsl (wired) was a mess. How about you, can you share your experience?

* Sorry for the very low quality picture. I took it using my very old Sony Ericson P1i


  1. says

    that is a common problem with Globe, some of my neighbors encountered the same problem, pldt-dsl is much better compared to globe. my connection is dsl and been using it for almost seven yrs. I had very few problem with them. 1.7 mb and good for 10 PCs :)

  2. says

    You know, I’m also having a problem with my internet connection, but only today. I can’t identify if this a global problem, my internet connection problem or a Google problem.

    I’m giving up for now. Will just check tomorrow if everything goes back to normal.

  3. aris101 says

    Actually sir Globe din ang internet namin. 2mbps connection at 2 thou per month. Okay po ang service samin, kaya lang kahit manawa ka, 1 year ang “lock-in” period neto. Naku naku eh mukhang mas maganda pa rin ata ang service talaga ng PLDT suma total..

  4. Vanessa says

    that is a common problem with Globe, some of my neighbors encountered the same problem, pldt-dsl is much better compared to globe. my connection is dsl and been using it for almost seven yrs. I had very few problem with them. 1.7 mb and good for 10 PCs :)

  5. john says

    dont like globe.. We subscribed to the P1,200 1mbps broadband (plus hidden charges), after 7 months or so we called the hotline to make a downgrade to P800 300kbs speed because the 1.2mbps they claimed was as slow as edge! To our surprise, instead of downgrading, globe added another subscription of 1mbps so that makes it 2 lines of 1mpbs. That is really crazy, we called them but they didnt do anything, our bill summed up to 6k pesos and we didnt and would never pay.. Today, they took the modem away. Globe is a monster.. Beware!

    • pie says

      hello, i have same problem with Globe…unexpected disconnection problems, slow internet speed, and HIDDEN CHARGES..URGGGGGHH! i’m planning to stop subscribing, i mean let them disconnect me and i won’t give them a cent for all those pretermination fee..etc. but, won’t they sue us if we won’t pay them? ;) please reply to my comment

  6. Louieric says

    I’ve been a subscriber since June 26, 2009, getting and religiously paying a monthly bill from that “ass-hole” company for my Landline and 384Kbps Internet bundled subscription, but until now very unsatisfied with what those bastards are providing me.

    As early as a few weeks after the start of my subscription, I needed to call their customer care hotline because of unsatisfactorily performance of my Internet connection. I began experiencing slow, sloppy, and intermittent/unstable connection. Since then, I’ve been an avid patron of Globe’s customer care hoteline 171 and 173 and I guess nearly a hundred job orders were created, closed, and recreated. Talked to several Customer Service Reps, Chat Reps, some of their Supervisors, a few Technicians, and remember a nice conversation with Miss Josie Abad not too long ago. But as of this moment, a few days after upgrading my service to 1Mbps, for some reason I don’t have Internet Connection again (or may I say, very intermittent – I can’t have even a single hour not being disconnected). I called the hotline again and was informed by the rep that I’m not connected as per checking in their system. There’s no System Restoration in the area, my account is not suspended, my neighbors who’s also hooked up with Globe have their Internet working fine, and that the repair and possible on-site visit will be made later in the afternoon. Later in the afternoon???!!! I wasn’t able to log-in (again) for work last night because I don’t have a connection, and then I was be told it may be fixed in the afternoon? “may be”, WTF!!! Since this is a recurring problem, can’t this be expedited and fixed in the morning? I have to mention I’m a home-based worker, a Web Chat/Email Specialist who logs-in everyday for my job. I actually lost a job and nearly losing the only one I have right now because of the problem. I’ve been very patient for keeping the subscription (and my boss for keeping me) having this unstable Internet I’m getting from these liars. And I believe I’ve been cooperative enough to report every time I have a problem with my connection. Anyway, that’s what they always told me: “Call us if there’s anything we can help.” But for one year now, their Technical Team/Support group can’t pinpoint the root of this problem and have done nothing to fix it permanently. Every time I call, yes I acknowledge, that thier CSR’s were able to relay the message to their Support group. And their support group we’re able to send technicians and restored my connection… temporarily. ‘Coz after a few days or even just some hours, I will be disconnected again. And again, I’ll contact the Customer Care Department to seek assistance to fix the problem… a new job order will be created, the technician will check the facility, will visit me at home, go back to the facility to recheck, etc. We’re just going around in circle.

    I also requested an investigation be done on my account because it seems like something is not right. One of their technicians, Mr. Narcida from their contractor Teleserbis, along with a certain Mr. Rosales once told me that they’re suspecting someone is manipulating my connection. Because every time I reported a no connection issue and Mr. Narcida checked the facility (or the cabinet as what they call it) he found out that my line/wire was disconnected, physically, to the slot or port assigned to me. And that there is a different line/wire connected to it. He said that’s the reason why I kept on being disconnected from the Internet. This scenario happened several times and it came to a point that he told me “Sir, wala na tayong magagawa dito kundi tanggal kabit.” Mr. Narcida also told me they’re suspecting a former technician who may have done this, a guy with a last name Untalan. I even questioned him about that. A former technician who still have access to the facility? And whose line is being hooked there in replacement of mine? But until now, I haven’t heard from someone what the status of the investigation is.

    Also, I had a very serious concern on a wire-tapping incident happened on July 19, 2010, where I unexpectedly caught one of KTK Fujikura’s Technician, N. Lirazan, tapping on my line and calling another subscriber for checking. I confronted this person and called the Customer Service Department to file a complaint. But until now, I did not hear any feedback on that matter.

    I also thought upgrading my service to a better Internet speed will at least save my ass from these hassles and will provide me a long term, if not a permanent solution. But I’m wrong… As I am writing this, I’ve been disconnected again several times. So, I am thinking:

    • Is my subscription with Globe still worth keeping? Am I really getting what I’m paying for?
    • Will the root of this problem still be tracked down and fixed?
    • Is my privacy still protected and not being compromised?
    • Does Globe really cares for subscribers like me who have recurring problems with the Internet connection?

    I also sent an email to Mr. DJ Tolentino (Globe’s Customer Care Head) twice, but never receive a reply from him or one of his people until this very moment.

    To Globe: If you keep on neglecting your subscribers concerns (especially these types), I’ll promise you I’m gonna write and share this experience of mine to each and every blog and forums I know. And that you will continue to lose customers and eventually go down in no time. And if you’re really that fortunate enough to still be in operation for the next 2 years, I’m sure you’ll be the worst telco/ISP the Philippines by that time. So, you always tell us “Sorry and we apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you.” In behalf of all the Globe subscribers who’s experiencing these hassles and still not being taken cared of – THE HELL WITH YOU!!! APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. WHAT WE NEED IS RESOLUTION AND A BETTER SERVICE. IF YOU CAN’T PROVIDE US A DECENT CONNECTION, YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR OPERATIONS DOWN.

  7. ktd says

    My latest encounter getting my connection fixed. Called on Aug 10th 2010 reported no dsl signal, the call center employee apologized and told me their tech’s would fix the problem as soon as possible.

    Called Wed morning asked them when their tech’s were gonna start working on my connection, The call center employee said a tech would come to my house sometime on Aug 11th. Waited all day no tech showed up.

    Called the tech support call center Thursday morning and told them no one came on wed, the call center employee apologized and said i would now have to wait 12 days for another on site visit which is just plain retarded.

    Decided to stop wasting my time with Globeline technical support call center and went down to the local office at 1pm. Talked to a rep about the problem and he made a phone call and told me a tech would come to my house. A repair team showed up about 4pm, The tech informed me that they didn’t have a key to check the box so they would pass it on for someone to check the box on Friday.
    Woke up Friday morning and my connection working but download speed is only 30% or what it is supposed to be.

    To recap

    Tues – no attempt to fix my connection

    Wed – no attempt to fix my connection and a no show on the on-site visit.

    Thurday – Repair crew shows up at 4pm not prepared or equipped to fix a internet connection.

    Friday – A crippled connection (30% of the rated download speed) restored at around 9am . Reported the problem with the download speed, not fixed that day.

    Saturday – Called about my download speed again and informed of a area wide network problem. Told i would have to wait till they solved the network problem before anyone would be available to fix my connection.

    Sunday – Network problems continue

    Monday – connection restored

    I should not have to call numerous times to coordinate the repair efforts. I should not have to make a on-site visits to the local Globelines office to get someone to start working on it.

    I should not have to deal with incompetent call center employee’s who apparently think waiting 12 more days for another on-site visit after the Globelines tech’s failed to show up is acceptable.

    The sad truth is, This is the usual level of service that Globelines provides their customers.

    Think this is bad ? Last month was worse.

  8. trickz says

    Actually, i never had an experience with wired globe and PLDT. I am using BayanTel DSL bundled with landline at only 1200 … and it was good…

    share ko din: globe tatoo is not worth it to have! so slow…

  9. jhong says

    dissatisfied globe user / customer. it seems our plight has reached DEAF ears. were not getting what we paid for. and worse GLOBE doesn’t really CARE, if anybody can initiate a signature campaign for dissatisfied customers, count me in 100%.

  10. galit na galit says

    pldt dsl subscriber for more than a decade since it started. it always giv es me problems alway slower than its suppose to be. last moth it was down for more than a week this month more than 2 weeks without internet. i finally had it disconected. and to think full payment every month. you will have to go thru a difficult procees to get back the money you paid for the service they did not give you.

  11. alf says

    It’s good to be reminded how bad globe is. I almost signed up for their WiMax service today. But after reading these posts, I think I’ll go for another service provider. Actually, I’ve already had a bad experience with globe’s internet service. I used to be a subscriber to their 1 mbps dsl line only package. The internet connection itself, when it was working, was great. The speed was blazing and the service could have been amazing if not for the annoying intermittent connection. The service goes on and off, very unreliable. Then I moved to another house and asked the customer service reps to schedule a service transfer, after 3 months nothing happened. Not even an phone call to tell me that they cant or dont give a sh!t about my request. I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

    I have another dsl line, a phone and internet package, with Bayantel. The internet connection is not as fast globe’s but their customer service is great. You can reach them through e-mail, phone and their tech support forum. I’ll stick with Bayantel for now since I have never had any issues with their service so far (except for the occasional outages).

  12. Roland says

    Did you ever try bringing this issue up with the National Telecommunications Commision? I think it is worth a try, as one of the poster suggested, a signature campaign should be initiated. Otherwise, they will only turn a DEAF ear.
    I feel strongly about this issue of “adverstised speed” not being delivered. If the NTC will not do something about it, then, we can assume that “politics is at play” as is always the case in the Philippines. Although I am not directly affected,somehow I feel the frustration whenever I am having a video chat with my kids in the Philippines, as signal tends to drop-out ,slow down and worst frozen image. I know that I am only one of the millions that shares the same predicament. So I think its about time to ACT, at least for you that are directly affected in the country.

  13. johnpatrick says

    mabilis na ang globe ngaun..ang plan naman ay 1 mbps at nag speedtest ako umabot ng 2mbps ang download speed..

    • erick says

      sir may i know your location? my globe line is about to be installed.. after reading all of these im crossing my fingers.. make it double since we no other isp provider in our area here in teresa rizal.

      • mattscradle says

        Sir, sa tondo po yung location ko. Pero please try to read the comments kasi madami din po negative feedback sa globe broadband.

  14. bwaka ng shet says

    uu mabilis nmn talaga ang globe wala ako reklamo jan ang reklamo ko ung itermittent n linya parang on/off palagi ang modem ko kakaonek p lng dc agad mag rerecon ulit dc nnmn nakakainis na

  15. Advocate says

    I am also using Globe DSL, mabilis na ngayon at maayos ang services nila. Ang problema ko ngayon I need to transfer my DSL line at P2,100 ang sinisingil nilang transfer fee. Wow! e P500 lang ang installation fee nila tapos ang pagtransfer P2,100? Anyone please, ganito ba taloaga ang rate nila?

    • mattscradle says

      ang mahal naman nyan sir. I suggest pa cut nyo na lang po yung line nyo then pakabit po kayo ng bagong line. If hindi na po kayo under ng lock up period nila.

  16. antonio says

    i’m getting the same problem. this is unacceptable. our only way of fighting back against this total absence of service is to use the social media like FB, twitter and get the word out. they should be forced out of business if they cannot provide their advertised service.

  17. baffybaffy says

    We have a globe 990 bundle. 1 mbs + telephone line. For the 8 months straight with globe we have no problem. we have a consistent download speed of more than 100 kbps. UNTIL this december 26…. we lost our telephone line and our internet connection until now january 4, 2012!!! we have called globe EVERY FREAKING DAY!! and all their tech support can say is “sir, indefinite pa ang day kung kailan maayos ang problema”… INDEFINITE????!!!! anong klase yan!!! pasalamat sila wala kaming ibang option kung hindi globe at digitel!!

    am here in angeles pampanga does anybody else encountering the same problem?

    • slyrchell says

      hi, good thing nakita ko mga post nyo and it seems to me na hindi lang ako nagkaroon ng problem with Globe this December. pero grabe ngayon every minute putol though nagre-reconnect mag-isa pero most of the time ang tagal at i have to do it manually restart ng modem and all.

      nakailang tawag na ako complaining na bat biglang ang bagal ng respond ng internet sagot sa akin tama naman daw yun speed ko. ang akin lang wala naman sa speed yun pwede naman tama yun speed ko pero mabagal yun respond ng connection ko.

      now as in kanina lang walang respond though nakaconnect yun dsl tapos eventually ayun nawala sya. tumawag ako basic throubleshooting bumalik and then nawala uli. nabwisit na ako nakikabit na lang uli ako sa mom ko sa pldt.

      nakakainis kasi for 3mbps plan this past Dec hangang ngayon sorry sa term pero “shitty” talaga yun connection. yun mga nakausap ko na agent trabahong tamad. plus na lang mabilis yun tech nila or dahil sa bwisit ko nagpa-escalate ako sa escalation department nila…

      and to add i read from nagiimplement na ng capping pati sa wired plans and that will surely add up sa problema natin ngayon. lalo na sa akin na sa internet ang kabuhayan.

  18. rodcudal says

    I just had my “995 dsl broadband only plan” connected last month and had been consistently monitoring the “up to Mbps” commitment as advertised. I do the monitoring at night, dawn, morning and afternoon.
    Result of as suggested by Globe
    Ping – 138 ms
    Download – .7 to .8Mbps and never went higher throughout the test
    UPload – .61 Mbps
    I called up 211 and was informed that “as long as the Download does not go below 60% of 1Mbps (meaning 5.99 Mbps and below)” I should be getting what I paid for. They are referring to their ads that says ‘up to 1Mbps’
    CALLING DTI and NTC. Do you allow this kind of deception?

  19. Benedict de Leon says

    I really don’t like Globe’s services. I remember when I bought my first Blackberry last year. After a month, the keypads didn’t function well na. So I went to Globe Robinson’s Galleria to have it checked. They told me that it will be sent to Singapore and will undergo repair for 2-3 months depending on the severity of the damage. I asked them for a replacement or kahit na temporary service phone man lang. No dice. Since communication is very essential in my line of work, and I can’t afford to live without it, I ended up going to a “celphone repair shop in Greenhills and after dismantling the phone and a few tweaks here and there, VOILA! AYOS NA! What I don’t understand is that why will it take 2-3 months if a simple technician can do it?

    • mattscradle says

      Ganyan din po nangyari sa blackberry 8520 ng brother ko. Dinala nya sa globe pero hanggang ngayun wala pa din. I think 1 and half months na.

  20. zeejhay says

    We encounter problems on our P1200/Mbps Globe Broadband with D-Link Router simula pa noong Biyernes ng gabi. Magbubukas ako ng Facebook, pero patagalan ang pagbubukas . Gamit ang Google Chrome, paikut-ikot lamang yung nasa tab at matagal bago lumabas ang webpage, baka siguro mabagal talaga ang internet noong gabing iyon at ang Globe ang may problema. Noong nag-try akong gamitin ang internet ng aming kapitbahay gamit din ang Globe, lumabas agad ang webpage.
    Amin pala mismo ang may problema at hindi ang Globe. Kung sa aming bahay ang gamit kong connection, patagalan. Kung sa aming kapitbahay naman, hindi mo na kailangang mag-intay.

  21. tob32005 says

    Ako sagad ang sama ng loob ko sa experienced ko sa Globeline broadband. My first 2 years (2005-2007) ay sobrang ganda ng speed niya for 2 mbps with P1995, nagka-leche-leche lang after 2 years ng usage ko..almost all night walang internet connection pero sa araw from 7am ng umaga till 6pm ng hapon napakaganda ng speed niya.. pag dating ng gabi 6pm onwards, all night till 7am ng umaga totally disabled ang net niya. Paanu ko naman magagamit ang internet ko sa araw e may work ako sa araw, tapos sa gabi naka-disabled ang internet niya? Mahigit 1 year ang complain ko (2008)… di ko binabayaran ang bill niya gat di nila naaayus ang complain ko? Pero take note, saan ka makakakita na di ko binabayaran ang bill pero di nila pinu-putol ang internet ko with landline ng mahigit isang taon? Gusto nyo makakita ng tadtad na DOCUMENTED COMPLAINTS SA CUSTOMER SERVICES ng naturang internet provider? Niloloko lang nila ang taumbayan sa pagkakabit ng internet na maganda sa simula at pagkatapos mag-a-ads sila ng mas mabilis DAW na internet speed tapos di naman totoo afterwards? Npakadami kong documented complain sa kanila na pinapadaan ko by Fax and E-mail aside from direct call mula sa mga inutil nilang tagasagot ng telepono during that time na mahigit isangtaon di nila ina-actionan.. my complain started 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 at pumayag sila sa galit ko na bayaran ang bill ko by 50% for my first year complain ng bill ko..and documented na approved ito by the branch manager. At di lang yan.. naulit uli yan ng 2 to 3 years ang complain ko na di na din natapos-tapos ang problema gang sa pina-putol ko na lang ang internet na yun sa bahay, diko lang mapa-putol-putol dahil nakatali ako sa telephone number na ayoko mawala…

    Sa ngayon sobrang ganda ng smartbro para sa akin sa halagang p999 per month for 2mbps for this time, wala ako problema mula ng pina-kabit ko ito… nagagamit ko ito with my own provide wifi modem/router plus hub kaya satisfiied ako 3 wired units na nagagamit ko sa bahay para sa 3 anak ko at 1 secured wifi for my laptop.

    Thanks 4 Smartbro..

  22. jehn says

    i am a bayantel dsl subscriber, but i have a basic business line and i pay 1,399 per month. was for a 1mbps speed, but unfortunately i only receives 100-400 kbps. so i decided to move to globe coz our neighbor has the plan for 1,299 up to 2mbps and they said its really fast that they receive 1mb-1.5mbps. but when i moved to globe this is what i got –>, not so nice isnt it?i already got the bayanline disconnected and i already signed for globe. i really regret that i moved, i cant even get movies coz ill lose my other connection. too annoying!!!

  23. jingle2x says

    i have 2 lines of globe both business lines…the 1599 2 mb lines has a good connection for 4 yaers na with aztech router provided ,but when i added a new line just last month 2 mb for 1299 with the new prolink its killing me….from 5 pm to 5 am the internet speed is really killing me …hindi nga aabot ng .5 mb halos 1/4 lang sa 2 mb ang speed ko…nakailang complain na ako …pro hindi pa na fix …yang mga problems na yan ay nasa system nila yan…nag lilimit sila ng speed at certain accounts at a given time…

  24. bry says

    gnian dn prob ko, lagi dc net..
    d malaman ng mga tech kung ano sira..
    mga bobo.. cguro nla 50+ na ko na job order hngang ngaun d pdn aus ang prob.. wait ko lang talaga mgaka pldt dsl smen eh, papa cut ko tlga yang globe na yan

  25. ayhjhay says

    Today, jun 12,2012 Globe Broadband is one of the best.. Sulit ang pera mo.. Super bilis.. In 100mb file nadownload q for jusy 10mins.. Mabilis tlga.. Pero nung dati grave ang bgal.. Pero naayos na ng globe ung problem nila.. 4g na ang speed.. The downside lng may limit ang browsing for 800mb depende sa.service o unli na kinuha mo… Today sulit ka sa globe..

  26. clifford zawel says

    i have a 3 mb wired dsl connection with globe the speed test is 2.60 download and .85 upload and im about 800 meters from the local connection box. golbe was told by ntc in may 2011 that they must supply 80 percent of the customers internet download speed or face ntc fines. customer service says they only have to supply only up to 60 percent of the comesters internet speed . ntc is the winner here if you follow up . the closer you are to the local cabinet the better and more stable your conection will be . talisay city cebu customers wiil have a new fibre optics main server building on line on the srp near the new shopping mall in 2014. it will brovide fibre optics conections maby to car car from manduae.

  27. Nineng says

    I am practically looking for suggestions to whether which of the two would I choose. The Globe offer only requires me to give a cash-out of P500; while the other one would let cash-out with a bigger amount. I plan to setup an internet at home only because I need to use Skype for my job and Google as a research tool. Yeah, of course, I might be downloading and uploading medias but I may somehow do it at the office where there is better connection. Basing on my rationale, what do you think would be a better connection? I would not want to get interrupted in the middle of doing my job and get rambled when the Google crashes or does not respond. I just don’t want to be left whimpering on an unreliable connection. And can you verify if this review is updated?

    • mattscradle says

      This review is already 2 years old and somehow obsolete since they already improve their service basing from my current experience. But if you want a reliable connection I would suggest you go with PLDT which was my previous ISP. They are consistent with the connection, the only drawback is their offering cost higher.

  28. james says

    GLOBE DSL is good. I subscribed to their 1299 plan for 2mbps. Cheaper compared to other ISP. I just dont like their free 1 mbps speed boost, because it doesnt seem true…But anyway, the connection is good enough. No buffering and other problems so far. I live in Maybunga, Pasig.

    • rob rivera says

      i am also about to sign up for that same plan for 2mbps plus land line, free wireless router, and free installation. Have you had anything happen yet that you are unhappy about? i would like to know if the speeds are actually reliable and what they promise which is about 80% of the speed that is posted so according to that calculation, it should be around 1.6mbps. if you could please let me know your experience so far before i sign up, that would be greatly appreciated

  29. jammer says

    nag apply ako last night ng 2mbps plan sa globe with free wifi.. kinaumagahan kinabit naman sya.. kaya nga lang nagtataka lang ako bakit ang bagal at parang sa tingin ko 512kbs lang ang ikinabit samin.. pano ko po ba masusulusyunan to. 1399 ang 2 mbps right? tapos ung speed niya parang pang 512kbps lang unfair naman ata un, any suggestion na maaari kong gawin., thank you po :)

  30. mhia lumba says

    tanong qo lang po if pwedi bang ipadisconnect qo na ung dsl plan qo. kakalagay plang nun kz nung first wik of dec… bumili kz ati qo ng globe broadband stick.. un nlng daw gagamitin nmin… nu po dapat gawin qo and my babayaran b aqo pg pinaputol qo na????

    • mattscradle says

      Hi Mhia, Based on my experience it is not possible since there is lock-in period that comes with the DSL. But you can still inquire with globe for other suggestion.

    • mhia lumba says

      at saka guxto qo na rin xiang paputol. pano ung mga kapit bahy nakikiwifi na din samen, bumabagl connection qo…. pg indi qo binigay password, napapasama aqo… bastos daw aqu.. pangit din pla ang nkawifi… kya mas ok na cguro na magglobe broadbnd stick nlng aqo

  31. mricardo says

    tanong ko lang kung capable bang mag FAX sa signal base na Globe Wimax? i mean diba ang fax karaniwang alam natin na wired kailangan para makapag fax, may naka try o nakagamit na ba sa inyo na Globe Wimax (antenna connection) then naka pag Fax kayo na connected sa inyong fax machine?

  32. jay says

    may bandwidth cap tlga ang globe 120kbps ko sa unang DL pero pag na reached m na ung limit bababa na ang DL mo ng up to 30kbps nlng nerereset xa kada 24hrs un ang experience ko dto sa globe na toh :(

  33. jhai says

    hi, gusto ko lng sana itanong kung ano ung lock-in period?? may problema din kasi kami sa globe ngaun.. ang bagal nya sa gabi lalo na pag malapit na mag midnight. 1Mbps ang plan namin. ok naman sya sa umaga, pero pag dating ng gabi, lalo na mga after 10pm I guess, nasa 0.20 Mbps na lng. sobrang bagal.. Im doing some research sana bago ako tumawag ng customer service. thanks! =)

  34. joey cruz says

    Mas reliable pa rin ang PLDT kaysa sa Globe. Walang saysay ang promo nilang “LIVE WITHOUT LIMIT” kung may bandwidth cap?! If you reach a certain amount of downloading wala ng silbi kung mabilis pa ang plan na napili mo. Ang excuse nila para mabawasan daw ang mga nangaaabuso sa downloading. Haller, nagbabayad naman kaya ang mga yun noh! Parusahan ba? Anong klaseng internet service yan may limit? Mas maganda raw ang speed and reliability sa Singapore, walang wala sa Pilipinas. Kaya naman heto We all live with limited lives….

  35. zhelle says

    If you’re from tandang sora quezon city, don’t subscribe to pldt dsl and globe broadband. We subscribed to pldt dsl 2009-2011 and globe broadband 2011-2013. 2years contract kc. Both were terrible experiences and a lot of wasted money and a lot of stress. Long story kng ikkwento. Buti n lng may mga technician n may conscience at hindi loyal to their company. Dapat if ur area is not within their area of coverage (kc dapat 100m radius frm server ata at hanggang 300m pwede p) they should reject your application to avail of their services and be honest naman. We will be trying bayantel at sana okay n. Thanks :)

  36. richel says

    yah i agree globe has a hidden charges..
    me too the technician didn’t told my aunt too that theres a one month advance payments that i need to pay.When they came for installation i wasnt home so my aunt entertain them.. buy they never gave me any contract paper.. i went to globe to ask where is it.. and they told me y i didnt get it from the people who did installation i told them they didnt gave it to us and didnt told me or my aunt that i need to pay advance one month… i get upset because they cant even give me a copy of the contract why is that??? i dont understand

    Plus i encounter disconnections too for two weeks and its always cutting.. i used it for less than an hour and it disconnected already grrrrrhhh.. so finally they fix.. now i can use it but still not fast enough….

    I only get internet 999 dsl plan and now i want to have a landline with it and upgrade it to 2mbps but they will charge 500 to just put the phone.. just to put the phone? is it reasonable? tell me if it is… i am still in contract and i will upgrade my internet so it means i will pay them more and i need to pay 500? but im worried maybe they will do hidden charges again. it just feels like globe is ripping off

  37. levan says

    hello po…..i have a problem with my connection……since i used a globe broadband with ADSL2+Modem/Router….from 4 months i had used it i had no problem to it……….but now just around november 14 my problem started.i got no internet access and my connection stated as “LIMITED”………i got signals but i have no internet access……..WTF!…I didnt know the problem till my fiance called the CSR to know the problems with my connection…and they say that they have a system to be restored in my area …they dont even give notice on will just be surprise that u will have no internet access on the next day and so by then my fiance told them to cut my subscription to them but they say that we need to pay for it,,,,,HUH?!…..the contract is they need to give us a decent connection but they didn’t give it to us…and they just keep telling that sorry for the inconvenience we made….and always saying we will have a rebate on ur bill if it wil not be fixed within 24 hours…WTF!…SORRY BUT IM REALLY PISSED OF,,,though i have a dial tone on my landline but its not important in me…the most important is the connection…i am not paying for just the landline!!!,,,i am paying for the connection and if they cant give it to us then we better switch to other provider that can give us there hurry assistance to their customers…they are too DEAF EAR…they never give importance to their customers……..i regret that i choose globe….but if u could restore easily as what u called “SYSTEM RESTORATION ON MY AREA” then i’d be happy to get back subscribing ur provider………..

  38. Migs says

    im using Globe Wi-Max plan 1mbps. so far so good..
    1st month(Post Installation) mabagal siya. dahil marami ding obstacle sa paligid ng antenna namin bungaloo kase house namen so, nung nag punta mga tech ng globe eh wala silang dalang pang poste.
    2nd month(pina redirect ko yung facing ng external antenna namin, (BM622m nga pala model ng modem ko)) doing speedtest.,ang 1mbps na plan ko ay umaabot ng 1.5/2-2.5mbps. although permanent na tatlo lang ang signal bar ng modem ko, kahit malapit kame sa globe tower(just a kilometer away) fck logic right?

    June-July – 1 problem (Solved)
    September – Unstable/On and Off signal/Slow Connection/Selective Browsing?. Called CSR = kinabukasan may tech na agad na nag punta. (hindi naayos dahil sa globe side ata mismo ang problem)
    contact another CSR via talk2globe (same bullshit response) Sorry, There are no Tech Issues happening w/in your area etc..

    after 24/48 hrs. Problem Solved.

    Now(Jan.13 2014) Unstable Speed/Slow Connection
    Called CSR yesterday pupunta nnmn ang mga tech.

    if youre going to ask me to rate globe here is my response

    Customer Support/Technical Support = 9/10
    Internet/Connection Speed = 7/10 (syempre hindi naman tayo pare-pareho ng location/area) 9/10 =this my experience w/my Wimax

    been a PLDT DSL user before switching to Globe
    Internet/Connection Speed = 9/10 = (nag iinaso din minsan ang connection nila.)
    CUSTOMER SUPPORT/TECH SUPPORT 10/100 (hindi siguro to applicable sa iba pero from my experience, almost 3-5 times ka ng tumawag sa CSR per day + waiting period na iibgay sayo + walang pupunta = RAGEQUIT
    nag punta ka na ng main office, ganun din ang makukuhang mong response. Pag aantayin ka nanaman.

  39. Jim Mountford says

    First off, their web site is a confusing mess. I can not find accurate information and can not depend on anything being accurate anyway once I find it, which can take hours.

    Second, their store help is as bad as their web site. I don’t know what they are thinking, but some of them act like they got a day of training, they don’t know what they are talking about and just repeat the key phrases they are given.

    Third, their fair use policy is only in the fine print, they even say that on the web site. It limits my downloads to 1gb a day, yet they advertise heavily that their internet is without limits.

    Why they have so many internet speed options is beyond me. Apparently it is not about customer satisfaction, it is all about money. Why they can’t tell me on the web site EXACTLY what is included in any given bundle is beyond me too. It seems you sign up then find out after your locked into a contract you find out how much you’ve been screwed, again, it is about money, not customer satisfaction.

    Finally, I sincerely believe a class action lawsuit by their subscribers needs to be brought forth, with the aim, clean up their web site and disclosed exactly what a plan has. I certainly do not want to talk to a customer service representative that is probably badly trained, in which I will probably have to lose my temper to get final answers. I want it in black and white, not gobly-gook confusing bull. Finally, I want them to stop with their deceptive advertising. Unlimited internet means exactly that, not a fair use policy that says, gee everybody, you were stupid enough to sign up for this, what do you expect, the truth?

  40. Ela says

    Same goes when i was there in the philippines… My sister sued globe lines for illegal disconection without informing her. Plus the internet connection was almost three days not working etc etc. my sister is a lawyer and i can hear her talking over the phone in a good manner but the stupidity of the customer seevice makes her upset. Including the manager of customer service that time. Hahhaha that is thier style so that you have to pay extra for reconnection. Can you imagine before they disconnect, the guys who will disconnect it would simply knock in your door to inform at least the owner. No written notice as well… My sister is provoking them to show the proof since she been busy out of town hearings, my parents are home and they always keep whatever documents that arrives in our house. Poor service, poor Customer service thumbs down to globe service.

  41. jc says

    at first I chose pldt I paid 500 for the promo.but it took 5 days to install I refusd for the installation since they promise 48 hrs.I asked for refund.then I decided to choose globe the installation was really fast.but aftr 5 days of enjoying the connection was cut.I calld to the took 2 days bfore the technician visited the area but they did not fix it thy just told me the problem.accordng to them they don’t have available material for my connection schedule again another 2 days.again they did not fix they just told me that there is another problem.resched again another 3 days cancelled another 1 day cancelled because of network issue in our area.and I need to wait another 4 days.its almost 2 weeks and nothing good happened.

    • anne says

      wala talaga akong naririnig na magandang feedbacks sa globe. kapag hindi po b tinapos ung contract ndi naman po b cla magddemanda?

  42. says

    Adam, I just read your post and would like to include it in my recent article which is also about my negative experience with Globe Broadband. The link of this article is somewhere at the bottom. Hope you can drop by!

  43. grace m says

    I really had bad experience with globe. I disconnected my old wimax kc halos do macontact yong landline. I tot talks name contract ko kc next end ako via customer service. I was not aware name 2 years pala. Maya pinapotol ko Latin the worst binawi yong rebates ko name 1 year plus termination fee at 2 months.shock nalang ako sa laki name 6550 name termination ko. do ko pa binayaran kasi bwisit ako. tapos nag apply ako ng new wimax name may wireless phones. grabe Meron pala charge na 550 activation aside soon as wimax bill no. my gosh sana they inform us PRA do name tayo mabigla. talks Merton pang factory send lagi f do no off Merton din charge. kaloka taiga tong globe bundle nil a.

  44. Ohchan says

    Mee too..i just called the CS a while ago to terminate my account WIRELESS Bundle.. hindi talaga maganda experience ko sa globe, first super fast sila mgprocess pro after ng installation 4 days walang signal nghintay muna ako kasi bagyo nun baka kako gawa ng bagyo kaya wala sgnal at d ko makontact globe hotline… after nun ok na inaayos tapos after a week very slow na connection parang may siesta ung conn. lagi my pahinga at hindi ko maDL ng videos like 320mb grabe 3dayz ko syang pinagtyagaan asar na asar na talaga ako khit picture sa FB d ko maview so i decided walng kwenta kung mgbbyd p ko kya padisconnect ko na, hindi ko bbyaran ang pre-termination fee nila at worst may hidden charges pa na hindi nmn sinabi during dissapointed talaga

  45. poor Guy says

    for me ….. Globe is very consistent….every night my internet connection slow down…. I have a 1099 plan…which is 2 mbps… and tonight when I checked it on speed test….. my DL speed is 0.06 mbps…. amazing right? you cannot ask anything more from Globe….that’s the best service they can offer…..cannot disconnect yet …i still have a lock in period of …i don’t know….a couple of months maybe?…. I just remember they have motto before
    ” Globe ..abot mo ang mundo” … i just learned that the real motto is ” Globe…abot mo ang mundo…….mabagal nga lang…” BAW..

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