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MyPhone cellphones are well known here in the Philippines. Myphone is the first Filipino mobile company that offer dual sim phone and varieties of affordable mobile handsets. Myphone mobile products are distributed by MyTel Mobility Solutions, Inc.

Myphone Cellphone Price list:

Dual Sim Bar Phones
B12 Duo – P1199
B15 Duo – P1399

Dual Sim Music Bar Phones
BM1 Duo – P2,999

Dual Sim with Camera Phones
Q19i Duo – P1,588
QP29 Duo – P2,588
QT7 Duo – P2,588

Dual Sim, Qwerty and a TV Phone
QTV20 Duo – P1999
QV27 Duo “S Phone” – P3990

myphone Dual Sim, Qwerty and Wifi Phone
QW29 Duo – P3488
QW30 Duo – P4999

Dual Sim Qwerty Phones
SQ21 Duo – P3399

Full Touch Screen Phone
T23 Duo – P2688
TW1 Duo – P3999
TW8 Duo – P4999

*To know more about their current product lines please visit myphone website


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