Phil Younghusband Kissed Angel Locsin during Azkals Victory Party

Though both Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband doesn’t reveal to their fans that they can already be called a couple in my judgement their actions already speaks for themselves. July 3 Sunday night during the celebration of Askals win over Sri Lanka (Azkals Victory Party) Phil Younghusband was caught in the act kissed Angel Locsin while probably having a sweet dance. On the other side Angel Locsin also was caught in the act wiping the sweat on Phil’s face. In my personal opinion and according to our Philippine culture a girl won’t allow someone like her suitor to kiss her without asking for permission unless they are already a couple. Below are some of the pictures (screen captured from ABS CBN news) for you to make your judgement.

Phil YoungHusband kiss Angel Locsin

Phil Younghusband Kissed Angel Locsin credits to Akiko

Credits to Akiko

I want to congratulate Philippine Azkals for winning, Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin for advancing to the next stage/base of their relationship (because I think they are already a couple). How about you what do you think and feel?

*Pictures were from PhilGel Facebook fanpage

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