PhilHealth Contribution Details 2013 for Individual / Self Employed

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Settling monthly Philhealth contribution dues are one of the task that every working and self-employed Filipinos should consider. It is like the premiere health care insurance company of the country and almost every private and government hospitals honor Philhealth. It may not cover all the illness, but it could reduce hospital expenses of a member and their relatives. I do not know if it’s only me, but when I was able to settle my dues I felt relieve. Relieve in a way that when someone has to go the hospital I would have to worry less about it financially (hopefully).

I was able to visit Philhealth Branch near Quirino LRT station last week. My purpose of visiting the office is to settle my Philhealth contribution as voluntary/self-employed. Instead of settling it quarterly I decided to pay my contribution for the whole year. It costs me P1800. It is expensive, But for me it’s worth the buck. It’s like paying for inner peace for the whole year (yay!!!). I know I am not the only self-employed in the Philippines so I am sharing this Philhealth Monthly payment scheme in case you wanted to settle your dues with the government’s health care insurance agency.

Philhealth-contribution 2013

The new payment scheme is updated as of January 2013. Annual payment is P1800, Semi-annual is P900 and quarterly is P450.

If you are planning to visit their office I would suggest that you come at 8AM, or after lunch time at 1:30PM. This is to avoid surge of people settling also their contributions.

Update: Please see Philhealth Contribution Table for 2014 for the rates and other details.


  1. bing27 says

    separated na po ako since july2013,
    april2011 ako magcontribute.this coming oct2013 nakaschedule ako as ceasarian section.tanong ko.lang makakaavail po ako ng benifits kung hanggang july2013 lng nacontribute ko?

  2. alan garcia says

    GoodMorning Mam/Sir, almost 1 year na po ako wala contirbution kc wala na ako work,,,tanong ko po kung paanu ba i transfer to para mag self employed at ano na form gagamitin? thank u po

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