Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer from Adwest Technologies Inc

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer plays a very important role when talking about fuel saving techniques and reduction of air pollutants emission in every manufacturing and power plants. Most of the plants that use Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) are Car manufacturing companies for their paint and spray booth ovens, food processing plants like huge bakeries, roasting facilities, winery, distillation and malting and your favorite coffee and cocoa roasters, pharmaceutical companies, brick manufacturing plants, plastics injection plants, wafer fab plants, metal pipe foundries, coal mining companies, rubber and tire production and many more companies that need fuel powered equipment on their day-to-day operation.

Most of the industries engage in manufacturing and thermal plants these days need Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) basically to become cost-effective and at the same time comply with the pollution emission mandated by the government where the plant resides. When talking about regenerative thermal oxidizer ADWEST Technologies Incorporated is the company that you can rely on. They are backed with more than 20 years of experience in providing custom designs of RTO for their clients to make sure that 99 percent of dangerous materials were removed before releasing the used air from their facilities. They even have firsthand case studies from actual decision makers of the company that they had catered.

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