Register and Check Your SSS Contribution Online, Complete Instructions with Pictures in 2017

Private sector employees, self-employed, voluntary members, and OFWs can now check their SSS contributions and membership data records online.

They can also make online transactions like setting appointments to specific SSS servicing branch, salary loan application, and request copies of their membership records.

They just need to register online though Registration is free of charge, very simple, and would only take less than 30 minutes to complete. SSS or Social Security System of the Republic of Philippines plays vital role in the country’s workforce particularly those members who are employed in private sectors, household employees, self-employed, voluntary members, and enrolled Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).registration 15

It provides benefits package if the mentioned members have experienced disability, maternity (female members), sickness, retirement, and death. Depending on the members’ status, their primary beneficiaries will also received social protection services from this government institution.registration 1

To register and view your SSS contribution online, you need to have a personal computer which has installed web browser (Firefox, and internet explorer) and has an internet connection. I have below the steps (with pictures) that you can follow to finish your registration:

Step1. Go to website. On the right portion of the page you will find member login. Go to the “Not yet registered in My.SSS click here link.” You will be redirected to the online member user ID registration.

Step2. Supply all the necessary information as reported to the Social Security System. Supply your SS number, first name, middle name, surname, date of birth, and valid email address. Then enter the code on the space provided.
registration 2

Once done you will receive a notification similar to the photo below:
registration 3

Step3. Check your email for the website email validation sent by The email comes with a link to continue your online registration.
registration 4registration 5

Step4. Supply all the information on the required field. Supply your complete name, address, postal code, contact number, preferred user ID, and password. Tick the “I accept the terms and conditions” and hit submit.
registration 6
registration 7
Once done you will receive a notification similar to the photo below:
registration 8

Step5. Again check your email. SSS will send you an email stating that you are successful with your registration. The email also comes with your user ID and password which you will use to login to your My.SSS account.
registration 10registration 9

Step6. Login to your My.SSS. Go to then supply your user ID, password and hit submit.
registration 15

Unfortunately, there are instances where the website will show you error similar to the one in the photo (below). According to SSS the problem occur when the member is using an unsupported web browser.
registration 11

To solve this issue you need to click the shield-like icon located at the upper left before the address bar. In the options link choose the “disable protection for now.” The website will automatically refresh to show the right info.
registration 12

Step7. Check your monthly contributions. Go to the E-services link. On the member info tab select the actual premiums. The website will then show your monthly contribution from the beginning date of coverage up to the present.
registration 13registration 14

Login to your My.SSS account occasionally to determine if your present employer is consistently remitting your monthly SSS contribution. Also to keep you updated with your current monthly contribution amount.

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