SAN Storage Systems

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When it comes to the well being of your business, few things are more important than obtaining a secure SAN storage system for the proprietary data of your company. As many other types of storage systems are more easily cracked by outside third party hackers, the SAN system has shown itself to be the most reliable and accessible of security systems of all standards.

Along with a good security system comes good physical security as well. There is little use for having the data securely stored on a server that can be easily reached by a malicious third party or by any of the elements of Mother Nature. It is essential to determine your server strategy by the amount of trust that you want to put in outside companies as well as the amount of control that you need over your own data.

It is always best to keep an in house IT team and manage and maintain your data on your own in house servers. However, this option can be quite expensive for those who have limited budget, especially for small, and start-up companies that are just becoming established in their industries. If you do not want to deal with this hassle, then colocation is the key; but you should make sure to thoroughly research the colocation company to determine if they are familiar with how to properly store SAN (storage area network) data.