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I requested a friend to send me this skybroadband plan brochure from their company so that I would not look over the internet for it. It was interesting that when I look at her facebook account she post a speedtest using this skybroadband having a download speed of 13.2mbps and upload speed of 534kpbs, very impressive considering in at home I only have 100kbps download speed occasionally with my globe broadband DSL bundle.

Skybroadband Speedtest

Skybroadband Speedtest

Check this flyer below for promo and packages:

Skybroadband Bundle

Skybroadband has now this promo where you will be able to save on subscription cost for your broadband and cable TV.

The promo runs from July 19 to September 19,2010

Here’s how to join:

1. Promo is open to new residential subscribers in Metro Manila.

2. New subscribers within the promo period will have an option to subscribe to any of the following bundles:

Bundle 1

Inclusion: Skycable Silver and Skyrboadband 1mbps

MSF: Php 1,399

Regular  Rate: Php1,662

Monthly savings: Php 263

Bundle 2

Inclusion: Skycable Gold and Skyrboadband 1mbps

MSF: Php 1,599

Regular  Rate: Php1,849

Monthly savings: Php 250

Note: Terms and conditions apply.

3. To subscribe simply submit a filled out application form, proof of financial capacity, and latest proof of billing.

4. Other existing product bundle discounts for regular rate packages shall not apply.

5. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

6. Subscription is covered by a 1-year lock-in period will be charged with a pre-termination fee of Php 2,000 on top of the other unpaid charges.

Existing Skycable subscribers may also avail of these packages when you subscribe to Skybroadband.


  1. D flaherty says

    I pay for 6 MB… I get less than 1MB… Sky cable customer service is useless
    I have a concierge phone number… but they don’t answer the phone
    All i get is sorry, sorry from customer service
    They don’t have a record of the complaint calls I’ve made
    pathetic service
    I’m switching

  2. Olga S. Salutan says

    Good afternoon!

    Would like to know your updated promo for this month May-July 2012?
    Appreciate your reply by email.

    Thank you.

  3. cristin says

    im cristin, here in lapu-lapu city cebu. do you have promo rate of cable + internet? pls update because i will be deciding asap to install. thank you.

  4. Zam Chua says

    bakit yung ibang agent nyo ayaw mag entertain? last week pa kami tumatawag para magpakabit.,puro wait lang po wait lang po. Then last nightt i told to the agent to come in my house in the morning. nagreply na ayaw daw pumunta kc busy sya..ok lang sya?

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