Sony Ericson Phones Price List, Philippines (Updated)

Here’s the list of Sony Ericson phones and their price list which you might be interested. I got the details from stores online base in the Philippines. This may serve as your guide when buying Sony Ericson xperia phones. What I did is to search for several online stores and I just chose the lowest given price.

Sony Ericson St17i Xperia Active price           – P14100
Sony Ericson Mk16 Xperia Pro Price                      – P14800
Sony Ericson Xperia Mini St15i price             – P9000
Sony Ericson Xperia Ray St18i price                       – P12500
Sony Ericson Xperia Play                                             – P14500
Sony Ericson Xperia Neo price                                  – P12950
Sony Ericson Xperia Arc X12 / LT15i price – P17300
Sony Ericson X10 price                                                  – P14400
Sony Ericson X2 price                                                     – P12800
Sony Ericson X10 Mini Pro price                               – P7500
Sony Ericson X8 price                                                     – P6600
Sony Ericson W8 E16i price                                         – P7350
Sony Ericson W150 Yendo price                                – P4000
Sony Ericson W20i Zylo price                                     – P4700
Sony Ericson W100 Spiro price                                 – P2900
Sony Ericson WT19i Live Price                                  – P9500
Sony Ericson Wt13i price                                              – P5100
Sony Ericson Sk17i                                                           – P10150
Sony Ericson Mt11i Neo V Price                                 – P12300
Sony Ericson Mix Walkman price                              – P5490
Sony Ericson CK15i price                                               – P5800
Sony Ericson U8 Vivaz Pro price                                – P10000
Sony Ericson J10i price                                                   – P5500
Sony Ericson U5 Vivaz price                                         – P8000
Sony Ericson Elm price                                                    – P5500
Sony Ericson Aino price                                                  – P10900
Sony Ericson Aspen price                                               – P7000

* You might notice that the price here is much lower than that in Malls might as well hit the comment and I’ll tell you where I got the details


  1. SE Xperia Neo Buyer says:

    Where did you get these prices? I’m really curious. I actually can’t believe that the arc has dipped below 20k… o.O

  2. Hello Adam! May I know what online store did you get this price list?

  3. Do they have the Xperia Arc S? and how much?

  4. where did you get the price of xperia ray? what site or store?

  5. where can i buy this very low prices of sony ericsson?

  6. where did you gt that 14,500 price of xperia play? can you send me the store/site? tnx..

  7. i want that xperia neo V..where can i get it at 12900 pesos?

  8. Is this the actually price of all sony ericsson phones in all branches of the phil?

  9. Sony Ericson Xperia Play for P14500. I don’t have the money right now but where can I buy this?

  10. As of date (1/9/12) how much does an x10 mini pro cost and where can i purchase it?


  11. does widgetcity installment term?

  12. does widgetcity accept installment?.

  13. i want that xperia x8..where can i get it at 6600 pesos?

  14. Can you tell me where I can buy Sony Ericsson Aino for 10,900? I’m here in Quezon City. Thanks!

  15. Felisa Racela says:

    i want Sony Ericson X10 Mini Pro price @P7500 where can I get this?

  16. yung XPERIA PLAY 14,500 updated ba yan? kasi sa Market Market 16,600. bakit magkaiba>?

  17. hi, where did you get the price of Sony Ericson W150 Yendo? is that latest, I mean as of June 2012?

  18. roman valdez says:

    ask ko lang sa xperia active saan nakakabili nun bike mount at magkano tnx

  19. merun ba dito mabili Cagayan de Oro

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