Sun Broadband Wireless and Globe Broadband Tattoo, which is better?

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I happen to have borrowed both prepaid kit of Sun broadband wireless and Globe broadband tattoo. What I had in mind was to make a simple comparison between the two basically to determine which has a better performance to use within Tondo, Manila area. In order for me to determine which is better I employ the following parameters: Cost of unit, availability of signal connection speed, download speed and upload speed. I use the same desktop computer so that the location would be fixed.

Sun wireless broadband Dongle

Globa broadband tatoo Dongle

Cost per kit:
Sun broadband wireless prepaid = P 1,895 comes with free 180 hours of internet and Unlimited surfing
Globe broadband tattoo prepaid = P 1,495 comes with free 30 hours of internet and Unlimited Surfing Promo until June 30, 2010

Both offer P50 unlimited surf valid for one day. From this parameter it seems that Sun wireless broadband is cheaper. Let us say that it would cost about P120 for the free 30 hours of globe base on normal load of 5 pesos for every 15 minutes. For Sun Broadband it would only cost about P400 pesos for the free 150 hours of internet. In this part Sun wireless broadband is cheaper by P320 for the prepaid kit.

Connection speed:
Sun broadband wireless prepaid = 3.6 Mbps
Globe broadband tattoo  prepaid = 3.6 Mbps
Both have the same connection speed

Download speed and upload speed:

Globe broadband tattoo speed test

Sun broadband wireless speed test

I made five series of testing to determine the download speed using also using the same Kuala Lumpur server and made an average from it.
Sun broadband wireless prepaid = 44 Kbps for download and 38 Kbps for upload

Globe Tattoo broadband prepaid = 50 Kbps for download and 32 Kbps for upload. From this data it seems that for Tondo particularly near Tondo Church area Globe Tattoo Broadband provides faster internet than Sun Broadband Wireless when it comes to download and when it comes to upload Sun is better by 6 Kbps.

Take note I did not consider the after sales services of the two so please consider it when buying the prepaid kit. I have done half of the work using those parameters now let the subscribers decide which is better.


  1. Christian/Lyn says

    hmmm…for me here in our place Sun Cellular is far more faster than Globe tattoo. Sun has unlimited internet for only 800.00 a month so no worries of having that time tick tack compared to globe that has a time limit. So far I am using Sun cellular and I have no regrets I used Globe before but I was after speed and most of all the time that I was consuming per day! When I used Sun Cellular using the internet was a pleasure and I was so relax without thinking of my consumed time!

  2. Tiffany Grey says

    Hi! Keep up the good work. That was a interesting article. I would like to hear more about this fascinating topic. See ya. Greetings from Ukraine.

    • says

      It was the PLDT DSL customer service representative who told me that whenever I am conducting speedtest it should be outside the country

  3. ranuj says

    hello im using sun broadband wireless prepaid! i used my globe tatoo usb pina open line ko! kasi ang hina ng globe at smart sa amin unlike SUN FULL BAR nakaka loka! kahit saang parte ng haws namin full bar! the two giant networks has only 2 bars! i cant imagine i already reported but wala sila action sorry sila not my lost hehehe im enjoying my sun i always have 3.6 mbps and my area is in bright homes caypombo sta. maria bulacan!

    • says

      Nice to hear that from you. In our area here in Tondo ok din ang Sun, also in my office in Sta. Rosa Laguna maganda rin at mabilis ang Sun, I think medyo stable na ang sun nowadays

    • Rizaldy Cruz says

      Hi Ranuj.. sa bright homes caypombo din kami kumuha ng house unit.. are you still using Sun Broadband? ok po ba yan sa bright homes caypombo? thanks!

  4. jean says

    Hey, was wondering if the signal is okay in Cainta, Taytay area? Does anyone have any idea? Im still on the process of deciding what could be the best option so as not to regret later on for buying the wrong one. I mean your blog is so informative and very helpful.. however I need to know more before buying anything.. I already have an idea what to buy but still need some info.

    • Maria theresa says

      hi ask ko lang.. ung sun broadband po ba ok prin sa baguio ngaun?

      plan to go there. but need to have good connection. dala ko kse lagi ang work ko.. :D

      ok ba xa sa skype kpag nsa baguio?

  5. motski says

    sa pandi bulacan area better ang globe tattoo kso bad trip lng kung nag message ang globe ng ganito..Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb..patay na…no longer internet connection.daya UNLIMITED daw..Dictionary kaylangan nyo..globe company..

    • says

      Yeah meron din yung kapatid ko ng globe tattoo yun din ang sabi nya kung titignan mo meron din limit yung sinasabi ng globe na unlimitted kasi yung 800mb isang torrent download lang yun. Kung talagang mabilis connection aabutin lang ng 3 hours yung 800mb ubos na kagad. :-). Thanks for sharing motski.

  6. Mike says

    ask ko lang po.. i’m planning to buy a broadband.. ano magandang signal sa marikina area.. marquinton residences to be exact?? smart, globe or sun? thanks!

  7. jojo says

    hello people, ask ko lang yung tungkol sa globe na may limit, yun ba yung supersurf na tinutukoy nyo or plan na unlimited? thanks, kasi i am making the comparison din i have globe and smart broadband, so far mas gusto ko ang globe, i am wondering if sun has the better internet connection, thanks…

  8. Anneng says

    .,guys.. please pasagot naman.. how about plan on SUN near sa CAPULONG? I live at Tondo Manila kase and ung pinaka unang stick ko sa sun.. mahina… napuputol ung signal.. so…. OK ba ung PLANng sun sa area namin?

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