Sun Cellular Unlimited call and unlimited text Cheapest Promo

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Sun TU200 is the cheapest unlimited call for 4 hours and unlimited text promo coming from Sun Cellular. I’m a subscriber of Sun (TU150) text unlimited 150 probably for more than 2 years now I can say that it lessen my worries because I don’t have to think of having to reload once in a while which I encounter most of the time with my smart sim. Also, I don’t have to stress myself with load that is gone suddenly even if haven’t used yet (nakaw load) because of this offer from sun.

With Sun TU150 you’ll have 4 hours of sun to sun calls and one month of sun to sun unli text plus experience less concern in terms of keeping in touch with your friends and relatives for a month presuming they are all using sun cellular sims. Probably this Text unlimited 150 became successful that is why they are having again a text unlimited promo but this time it comes with a Free 500 text to other networks. What I’m referring to is the Sun text unlimited 200 (TU200) see details below.

sun tu200

Sun Text unlimited 200 (TU200)

– Unlimited Sun texts for one month
– 4 hours of sun calls
– 500 texts to other networks (Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe, Touch Mobile)
– Promo period is ongoing and will end on October 31,2011

How to subscribe to this promo?

If you have regular load and wanted to convert it to TU, all you need to do is text TU200 to 247. Or you can simply go to any xpressload centers which can be found normally in Sari-Sari stores nationwide. Tell the vendor to load you up with TU200.

Update: As of 2014 TU200 is no longer a promo. It is now included in Sun Cellular’s prepaid offerings.

*details from sun cellular website

  • jose yulo

    why i cannot sell tu 200 on my retailer

  • dandeline

    is this promo extended?

    • mattscradle

      Yes just approach a loading station then tell them you want to load TU200

  • Reuben Surell

    active pa ba yang promo na yan?

    • mattscradle

      yes po sir.

  • Riza

    Hi . I registered for a universal loader po. But why i cant sell a TU200?

    • julie ann

      s vmobile po b? meron naman po. tu200 at tu300 pdeng e-pin or xpressload

  • Rom

    is this Promo still existing? Pls reply ASAP.thanks..

    • mattscradle

      yes. Go to your sun eloading stores for inquiries.

  • Ukai

    U shld load regular 200 and then register it to TU200 to 247

    • mattscradle

      Actually you can immediately load TU200 to any sari sari store that loads sun.

  • EJ

    Is this Promo applicable for the Advance Charging System – wherein it can be extended to another month by loading a variant of the same promo? -Many thanks ^_^

  • EJ

    Is this Promo applicable for the Advance Charging System – wherein it can be extended to another month by loading a variant of the same promo? -Many thanks ^_^

  • tizhay

    is this TU200 still ongoing ? do you know until when?

    • mattscradle

      Hi Tizhay, yes it is still ongoing. I think its already a permanent offering from sun.

  • jen

    hi..why i Can’t regstr to TU200 now?

    • mattscradle

      Hi Jen, I think TU200 is now part of SUN’s regular prepaid offering. You can approach any sun loading station then tell them to have you eload with TU200. For sure they are familiar about that.

  • xen

    i cant register to tu200, how to register? i reloaded my num with 200 regular load and then when i tried to register it to 247, it doest have a reply… what to do?

    • mattscradle

      Hi Xen, as far as I know you can request the loading store to load you with TU200. Sorry, but I am not familiar with converting the regular load to make it TU200.

  • Racs

    How can I check the balance from 500 netwroks of TU200?

    • mattscradle

      Hi Racs, I will also research on that. Thanks for asking. I am don’t know how to do that.

      • julie ann

        pg mgbalance inquiry po as usual ung s 221 po or *221#. yan di po kc nilo2d ko

  • kemaro

    is it really ongoing? i tried also but i failed, i don’t want to do ask a retailer about it because what if not all retailers knows it since on the sun website there no such promo now, any other way that you had tested to make it work?

    • mattscradle

      Yes sir, you can ask retailers to have your sun mobile phone loaded with TU200. It’s working sir. Don’t worry.

  • zairah

    magkano pag gusto ko one month unli call sun to sun? meron bang promo?

  • zhon

    how can i check my remaining available text and calls when i register TU200? tnx

  • The Believer

    Would anybody know what’s the specific promo code for 1-day unlimited Sun-to-Sun call?

  • Lina

    Do you have an offer sun promo call to other network…? Thank u..!

  • ginna jomuad

    Is this promo still applicable at this moment?

  • Kimoy

    Hi what if I register TU200 and later on I will register TU150 before expiration of my TU200 will my 500 other networks be extended?