Sun Text Unlimited TU 300 Promo Details

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The third largest TELCO in the Philippines Sun cellular brings a very irresistible Sun TU 300 text unlimited promo which is way attractive than their earlier Sun TU 200.

Sun TU 300 is perhaps an augmented version of TU 200. For an additional 100 pesos every month existing prepaid subscribers like me can call sun-to-sun practically unlimited (depending on monthly call usage) for one month and 2 hours or 180 minutes free calls to other network such as Talk ‘N Text and Smart. This promo seems like plan 300 the only difference of this from the usual postpaid plan is it does not compel subscribers to pay monthly subscription fee.

Here is Sun TU 300 promo details:
sun tu 300If you avail the promo you can have Unli text sun to sun, free 500 text message to other networks including Globe. 5 hours or 300 minutes free calls sun-to-sun, two hours of it can be used to call Smart and Talk ‘N Text only. To load just approach loading station then request for TU300. You can also convert your regular load just text TU300 to 247. Promo is until August 31,2012, but if this offer will succeed, I think it will be included to their regular prepaid offering.


  1. Jeff says

    Grabe Nagload ako kagabi ng TU300
    Ito ang Nakalagay:
    Your 1,706 FREE Text to ALL networks will expire on 02/21/2015. Your 9,118 SMS to other network will expire on 10/26/2014. Your 1,677 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls will expire on 09/26/2014. Your 1,531 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text will expire on 09/25/2014.

    Sayang ang Your 1,677 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls ko Hindi siya Na extend ng 1 month pa..Dapat sa October 26, 2014 pa expire niya… Bago na raw ang promo ng TU300 kaya mawawala na ang 1,677 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls ko…….

    Sana dinagdag na lang ang Load ko sa 1,531 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text.

    Super Panget na ang Management ng SUN.

  2. concerned_retailer says

    We should be aware that the new management is now SMART. I am a Sun retailer agent for more than 5 years and the new commission rate this year is only 5%. That’s a twice rate decrease from the previous Sun managament. Iba na ang buhay ngayon, mga kababayan ko!

    • SUNPADIN says

      Ok na un mga bro, buti nga immortal ung mga text at call sa ibang network pag expire kain lahat di ba, di pa ba kayo masaya sa mga free na yan?

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