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PLDT My DSL Plan and Coverage Area

I was a subscriber of pldtmydsl plan 990 just to make you familiar pldt mydsl plan 990 is a landline plus unlimited dsl bundle. However dsl for this plan only has speed rate of 384kbps during that time I’m averaging download speed of 34KBps and upload speed of 18Kbps actually for simple web surfing like […] Read More


My Globe Broadband Latest Speedtest

I encounter problem with my globe broadband dsl landline plan 1295 few days ago. My globe broadband lost internet connection last Friday August 6,2011 at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would only last for few hours because it normally happens with globe broadband all I need is to restart the modem and […] Read More


My brother subscribed to Globelines Broadband DSL plus Landline bundle Plan 1295. For the benefit of others who has no idea plan 1295 has a 1Mbps plus landline. It only took 3 days for Globe technicians to do the installation so far that was considerably fast. He’s been using this service from Globe for a […] Read More


My experience with Globe Broadband DSL

I’ll share my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. I was a subscriber of PLDT DSL plus landline bundle for almost one and half year, their service was ok however, I think that paying P990 for just a 384Kbps subscription is quite expensive and the internet is slow considering the maximum download speed was only 32Kbps. […] Read More