Globe and Touch Mobile Offers Free Facebook to its Subscribers

If you are one of the Globe postpaid, prepaid and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers, you should thank your network because you can experience free Facebook surfing with your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.

globe free facebook

I do not know when this promo started, but Globe subscribers can enjoy free Facebook browsing with their Internet ready device until January 25,2014. Subscribers can keep in touch with their love ones, stay up to date in newsfeeds, and even update own status without having to worry about data charges. Take note, however, that promo is good for Facebook browsing only. Otherwise, regular browsing rates apply.

Anyone who wanted to enjoy this privilege should have two things, a Globe SIM, and an Internet-ready mobile phone. If you have the two requirements, TEXT GO and then send to 2951 to receive the network’s Internet setting.

Once you got the settings, choose any of the three possible ways on how you can enjoy free Facebook:
First is by dialing *143# and choose FREE FB. Follow the instruction there after
Second is to login via using your internet ready mobile device and then visit Start Now.
Third is by launching any official Facebook App on your mobile phone, then visit Start Now.

There you go guys, you still have 12 days from the time of writing to experience this promo. Enjoy.

*For comprehensive details visit Globe’s official website

Globe ROAM ON Roaming Activation Process

This post will explain how to activate roaming with your Globe prepaid mobile phone. I am now in Singapore with family for Christmas and New Year (for a change) since we always celebrate these holiday seasons in the Philippines for decades. Prior to leaving the country I experienced problem on how to activate roaming with my smart mobile phone?

I am a smart prepaid SIM user, but for sure even globe prepaid subscribers experience the same thing. I wrote this post to discuss the usual problem of OFW, and travelers who wanted to experience culture other than the Philippines.

Globe roaming or GROAM ON for prepaid subscribers is easy to activate. To stay on the safe side, it is better to load at least P300 on the day before departure. Also, make sure that your phone has minimum load of P100 while outside the country to experience consistent connection with love ones in the Philippines. If you forgot to load, don’t worry there is Globe e-loading station in the airport. The minimum E- Load amount for Smart is P200 so maybe Globe offer the same.

To activate Globe roaming just text GROAM ON then send to 2884. Unlike smart which roaming should be activated an hour prior to departure time, this should be done 24 hours (at least) prior to departure.

To send text messages going to the Philippines just dial plus sign + country code + the 7 digit mobile number. Example: +63 917 1234567

To make calls to relatives in the Philippines just dial *131*63 918 1234567# for mobile phones and *131*6321234567# for landline. Replace the numbers with respective area code and mobile / landline number.

*For other globe roaming concern I suggest you visit the telco’s official website

My Globe Broadband Latest Speedtest

I encounter problem with my globe broadband dsl landline plan 1295 few days ago. My globe broadband lost internet connection last Friday August 6,2011 at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would only last for few hours because it normally happens with globe broadband all I need is to restart the modem and wifi router and everything goes back into place after that. After 6 hours of no internet connection I decided to call their customer support at 9pm to report my concern. As expected their reply is “there is an ongoing system enhancement in my area” and they requested me to monitor until 24hours. The whole Saturday I still don’t have internet you know what my globe broadband connection was back on Sunday at 8:30pm.

Before I encounter the internet connection problem I normally have average of 120Kbps (Kilobytes per second) download speed and an average of 45Kbps upload speed. I got curious if their excuse of having system enhancement is really true so on Monday morning I do some speedtest. I use the Metro Manila server hosted by Skybroadband on various hours which I think the net is congested and during the time that there are few users.

Here’s my latest Globe broadband speedtest:


"Globe Speedtest"

Globe Speedtest at 9:20am

"Globe Speedtest"

Globe Speedtest at 1:30pm

Globe broadband speedtest in the evening:

"globe broadband"

globe broadband speedtest at 7pm

"Globe Speedtest"

Globe Speedtest at 10:14pm

From the globe broadband speedtest above it seems there is really huge improvement from my internet connection. You can make this as your reference if you want to subscribe to globe broadband plan.

Globe Tattoo Wimax Plan

The Globe Tattoo Wimax Flyer where I got the details was handed to me by Globe agents when I visited one of the SM Malls near of place. I just thought that you might want to consider Globe’s services someday so I made a quick post about it. I am a subscriber of Globe broadband internet plus landlines Plan P1295 for two years now you can see my review here.

Here’s what the flyers was all about:

Do you want to experience the number one Wimax network? Globe offer an ultra fast wireless connection at your home for as low as P795 per month Internet only Plan and as low as P995 for Internet plus landline Plan. For internet only plan there is one time set up amounting to P500 which will be charged to your monthly bill.

Globe Tattoo Wimax Plan:

Tattoo Wimax                           MSF                                   Up to Speed

Internet Only Plan                   P795 / P995                  512Kbps / 1Mbps

Internet plus landline             P995 / P1295                512Kbps / 1Mbps

MSF – stands for monthly subscription fee (if not mistaken)

To avail any of the above plans submit the following to Globe Store or to Globe Authorized agent:

1. Accomplished application form
2. Photocopy of Valid ID
3. Proof of billing (if installation is different from your billing address)
4. Proof of financial capacity or one-time upfront payment.

* I hope this would help those who are planning to subscribe to Globe Broadband or Globe Wimax

Globelines Broadband DSL Plus Landline Bundle Plan 1295 Review

My brother subscribed to Globelines Broadband DSL plus Landline bundle Plan 1295. For the benefit of others who has no idea plan 1295 has a 1Mbps plus landline. It only took 3 days for Globe technicians to do the installation so far that was considerably fast. He’s been using this service from Globe for a month now, yet he has no complain. I’m also a globelines subscriber in fact I created a review of Globe Broadband DSL 10 months ago.

Globe Broadband BundleGlobe Broadband new modem design

I think one month is not enough to judge the quality of service that Globe  broadband offer so I’ ll be updating this review from time to time if there are changes like for example about the download rate, connection speed and after sales service that it offer.


You can check here my latest Globe Broadband DSL Speed Test which I did last November 2013.

My experience with Globe Broadband DSL

I’ll share my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. I was a subscriber of PLDT DSL plus landline bundle for almost one and half year, their service was ok however, I think that paying P990 for just a 384Kbps subscription is quite expensive and the internet is slow considering the maximum download speed was only 32Kbps. I think that the internet speed was not good enough and does not suit my daily web surfing activities like watching naruto online, downloading. So I decided to upgrade it to P1300 even though there would be an additional P400 on my monthly expenses with only 512Kbps subscription again even though it was upgraded and the download speed was doubled from 32 it become 64Kbps still there are times when the internet was very slow I think less than 20Kbps download speed.

Globe broadband DSL wiredMid of January 2010 Globe had this promo of Globelines Broadband Landline plus Internet (DSL) wired. It is almost similar with PLDT’s offer. The only difference is I’m going to pay only P990 for the internet speed of 1MBps thats basically 120KBps download speed and 60Kbps upload speed it is pretty much faster than PLDT and It would incur me a savings of P400 pesos monthly. Analyzing the situation with free installation so as the technician had said, I decided to avail the promo in just a matter of 1 week I had my new ISP (internet service provider). One thing that made me feel bad was when the technician did not tell me that I have to pay 1 month advance subscription fee in my opinion it is somewhat a form of hidden charge. In terms of internet speed it is always slow in the afternoon. During the time I was writing this article I checked the download speed and it was only 17Kbps and upload of 3.5Kbps at around 5:40PM. Occasionally there is a temporary internet disconnection that would last about maximum of 3days and minimum of half day. From the time I subscribe to this promo I encounter more than 10 disconnections. Their technical support is good only from 8am to 5pm later than that you won’t be able to contact them. In my opinion my subscription with Globe broadband dsl (wired) was a mess. How about you, can you share your experience?

* Sorry for the very low quality picture. I took it using my very old Sony Ericson P1i