Globe offers 150MB Free Internet on Cherry Mobile Snap 2.0, Emerald, and Nova 2.0 Buyers

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emerald specs price

Globe Telecom and Cherry Mobile have teamed up to offer 150MB free internet per month for the span of 12 months to selected cherry mobile handset buyers. Cherry mobile customers that will purchase any of CM’s Snap 2.0, Emerald, and Nova 2.0 will receive a Globe prepaid SIM that comes with free 150MB internet per […]

Free Facebook for Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers (No WiFi Needed)

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free facebook for globe and tm subscribers

Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers can now experience free Facebook with their internet ready phones. There are lots of advantages if you can connect with Facebook for free without using WiFi. You can keep in touch with love ones and update your own status to let your friends know your whereabouts. You don’t have […]

Globe and Touch Mobile Offers Free Facebook to its Subscribers

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globe free facebook

If you are one of the Globe postpaid, prepaid and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers, you should thank your network because you can experience free Facebook surfing with your mobile phone anywhere and anytime. I do not know when this promo started, but Globe subscribers can enjoy free Facebook browsing with their Internet ready device until […]

My Globe Broadband Latest Speedtest

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"Globe Speedtest"

I encounter problem with my globe broadband dsl landline plan 1295 few days ago. My globe broadband lost internet connection last Friday August 6,2011 at around 2:30 in the afternoon. I thought it would only last for few hours because it normally happens with globe broadband all I need is to restart the modem and […]