My experience with Globe Broadband DSL

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I’ll share my experience with Globe Broadband DSL. I was a subscriber of PLDT DSL plus landline bundle for almost one and half year, their service was ok however, I think that paying P990 for just a 384Kbps subscription is quite expensive and the internet is slow considering the maximum download speed was only 32Kbps. I think that the internet speed was not good enough and does not suit my daily web surfing activities like watching naruto online, downloading. So I decided to upgrade it to P1300 even though there would be an additional P400 on my monthly expenses with only 512Kbps subscription again even though it was upgraded and the download speed was doubled from 32 it become 64Kbps still there are times when the internet was very slow I think less than 20Kbps download speed.

Globe broadband DSL wiredMid of January 2010 Globe had this promo of Globelines Broadband Landline plus Internet (DSL) wired. It is almost similar with PLDT’s offer. The only difference is I’m going to pay only P990 for the internet speed of 1MBps thats basically 120KBps download speed and 60Kbps upload speed it is pretty much faster than PLDT and It would incur me a savings of P400 pesos monthly. Analyzing the situation with free installation so as the technician had said, I decided to avail the promo in just a matter of 1 week I had my new ISP (internet service provider). One thing that made me feel bad was when the technician did not tell me that I have to pay 1 month advance subscription fee in my opinion it is somewhat a form of hidden charge. In terms of internet speed it is always slow in the afternoon. During the time I was writing this article I checked the download speed and it was only 17Kbps and upload of 3.5Kbps at around 5:40PM. Occasionally there is a temporary internet disconnection that would last about maximum of 3days and minimum of half day. From the time I subscribe to this promo I encounter more than 10 disconnections. Their technical support is good only from 8am to 5pm later than that you won’t be able to contact them. In my opinion my subscription with Globe broadband dsl (wired) was a mess. How about you, can you share your experience?

* Sorry for the very low quality picture. I took it using my very old Sony Ericson P1i