Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Result, Score Card, Stats

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Manny Pacquiao yet again defended his title (WBO Welterweight belt) for the third time against Juan Manuel Marquez during pacquiao vs Marquez 3 boxing event held on November 12 ET at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The result may sound like a controversy but it seems the two judges have clearly decided to give the fight to Manny Pacquiao while the other decided to a draw. The score card details 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 in favour of Pacquiao.

While watching the event via live coverage from a cable provider in Laguna it seems that Juan Manuel Marquez III have won the fight since base from tv screen he landed more punches on pacquiao. Though from the stats of HBO pacquiao has thrown and landed more punches compared to marquez.

Base on the stats from HBO…

“Pacquiao has thrown 578 punches connecting 176 while Marquez had it 436 connecting 138. Pacquiao threw 304 jabs connecting 59 to Marquez’s 182 with 38 connects. Pacquiao threw 274 power punches connecting 117 while Marquez threw 254 with 100 connecting.”

I don’t know if it’s only me but it seems pacquiao is lacking on speed, lacking of footwork, lacking of one – two punches, lacking of energy as compared to his previous fights. It’s like his not the Manny Pacquiao whom the fans knew before. Anyway congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for winning the fight.

Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Interview Replay

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The number one pound for pound fighter Manny Pacquiao showed up wearing red jacket in an interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live and as expected fans goes wild. He’s been on that seat for the fifth time now and according to Jimmy every time he had his interview with Manny the latter always win the fight.

The interview was all about Pacquiao – Marquez III upcoming fight this November 13,2011 pacific time. This probably the final battle between the two fighters and the speculations that Marquez beat pacquiao twice will finally come to an end. Some part of the interview was about mayweather – pacquiao match up where Jim had a suggestion that who ever wins the fight all the money will be given to the winner.

The two minute interview ended with a duet of Bee Gees popular hit “How deep is your love.”

Watch the Whole 2 minute interview replay on Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

* Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Interview replay from JKL youtube channel

Manny Pacquiao and his Ferrari 458 Italia (Video)

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Manny Pacquiao bought a gray collored Ferrari 458 Italia probably as advance birthday gift for himself since he will be celebrating his 33rd birthday on December 17,2011. Ferrari 458 Italia has won several international awards (around 30) and recently it bag two additional awards whene its V8 engine won the “Best performance engine” and “best Engine above 4 litres”.

Manny Pacquiao’s Ferrari 458 Italia sports a staggering 562 horsepower it has a 4.5 Li V8 engine that can accelerates from 0 to 100Km in just a matter of 3.4 seconds. Ferrari 458 Italia has a top speed of 345Km per hour and a unit would cost around US$225,000. Probably many will give their negative feedback but I think he deserves it at least the money he use to buy the car comes from his own pocket.

Watch Manny Pacquiao and his new Ferrari 458 italia video as he arrive at wildcard gym:

* Credits to the video uploader

Kat Ordoñez Picture

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Kat Ordonez is now being involved to Congressman Manny Pacquiao where allegedly the father of Kat Ordonez’s baby. Manny Pacquiao together with Philip Salvador and Lito Camo attended the baby boy christening on September 17,2011 at St. Francis de Assisi Church, the reception followed at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. Kat Ordonez is a 22 year old student of culinary arts who give birth to a baby boy on November 17,2010 at Capitol Medical Center.

Kat Ordoñez Picture will be placed below once available.

Update: I was able to find a decent copy of the phone interview of Kat Ordonez that took place in Showbiz Central on October 16, 2011 by Pia Guanio. I suggest you watch the video so that you’ll be able to get as much information at least from Kat Ordonez herself.

* Credits to the FirstAndExclusiveGuy of youtube for the video, picture screen capture from the youtube video

Manny Pacquiao Nike Shoes Photos 2011, Price, Release Date

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Are you fanning Manny Pacquiao, or are you planning to buy Manny Pacquiao Signature Nike Shoes. Check the pictures below of MP Nike Air Trainer 1.3 Max. It comes with Varsity Royal/White-Varsity Red. Price per pair is around $160. Release date will be on May 6, 2011 on different Nike retail stores.

Air_Trainer_1point3_Max_5 Air_Trainer_1point3_Max_4 Air_Trainer_1point3_Max_3 Air_Trainer_1point3_Max_2 Air_Trainer_1point3_Max_1


* Manny Pacquiao Nike Trainer 1.3 pictures/images are property of their respective owners.

Manny Pacquiao @CongMP Twitter Verified Account

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Hi Guys you may now follow Congressman Manny Pacquiao (Emmanuel D. Pacquiao) on Twitter by his verified account “@CongMP”. He created the account on Wednesday February 23 2011, so far has only 2 tweets, only follows 5 people, has 4,757 followers and 32 listed accounts from the time of posting. Congressman Manny claimed that the previously verified twitter account @mannypacquiao which has 10,000 plus followers is not his, and has no idea who created it.

His latest tweet was:

Manny Pacquiao Twitter

“hello guys its me Cong. Manny this is my new and official twitter account hello everybody thank you for all your support pls. watch my fight”

@CongMP follows Jeremypiven, mark_wahlberg, BarackObama, Shakira, and Celtics.

*from GMA News