Omegle Not Safe for Children

Never Leave Your Child alone with Omegle in the Philippines or even in other countries like Tunisia because its not safe. I meet this new online chatting medium on the internet its name was OmegleOmegle allows you to talk / chat with strangers online just like in Chatroulette, you would be chatting with anyone at random basis in one-on-one chatting window. This chatting medium also uses webcam to see the other party during video conferencing. You would normally have this two word “you” and “strangers” as your chat names.

I suggest not to allow your child use omegle because chatting using this medium has no restrictions on age since the pairing system during chat was random you cannot choose what type, age, personality would your child be able to meet and see during the video conferencing. The last time I chat in Omegle, I was able to see  woman / man at random doing things that only an 18 year old person can comprehend.

Good side of this is it was very user friendly in the sense that you would only need to click one link at a time even a child who knows the basics of the internet can be able to operate it due to its simplicity. I have below some of the wholesome pictures I captured during the chat thru Omegle.

In my opinion it is not safe for children so you better not leave your child alone with Omegle.