Download Plants Vs Zombies Full Version Game Free

Plants vs Zombies Full Version Download Free trial mode can be downloaded to their official website. It’s been a couple of months since I wrote my first article about this game and yet up to know I’m still addicted on playing it. Every night before we go to sleep my four year old son always request me to play this game while he is watching, he even likes to mimic those zombies moves. I was able to finish the whole game repeatedly. Now I am stuck on playing the survival mode endless which I was able to finished 23 flags. I’m currently thinking of strategies on how I can keep my brain from being eaten by those zombies. I don’t want to use cheats in this game because I’m just playing it not to compete but to have fun. Now I’m sharing this game which I downloaded from the internet several months ago.

Plants-vs-ZombiesTo download the game visit their official website.

Try this setup strategy during the Survival Endless mode

plants vs zombies survival endless

Note: Have fun, Just don’t let your brains be eaten by those zombies.  You may share this on facebook so that others would know about this.

Update January 2014:

Plants vs Zombies 2 :It’s About Time is now been released. Visit app store, and googleplay to download the free version.

* Plants vs Zombies Game was downloaded from the Internet, Survival mode picture are property of their owner. If you are addicted playing dota, you can also read my post about dota hotkeys.