Pre-Need Companies with Revoked License List

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I watched 24 oras on GMA-7 today when they included on the news the current financial status of Prudential Life Plans Inc. Aside from the latter they also revealed the other remaining pre-need companies that have either revoked or suspended license from selling plans to their future clients. If you are a plan holder and you want to verify if your current pre-need provider is included, you may check the photos and lists below:

Redeemer Life Plan
Supreme Educational Plan
Celestial Memorial Life Plans
Sanson Memorial Plan
Capitol Plans
Excel Memorial Life Plan
Group Developers Inc.
Familcare Plans
Grayline Plans
Comprehensive Annuity Plans and Pensions Inc.
Garden of Memories Memorial Park & Chapel Inc.
Ideal Pension Plans Corp.
Eduplan Phils.
Classic Plans Inc.
First Interstate Multiplex Pension Plans Inc.
Gillamace Life & Pension Plans Inc.
Global Family Protection Plans
Holy Life Plan
Premiere Memorial Plans
Phine Plans
Primeplan Int’l. Corp.
Pryce Plans
Savior Life Plan
Phil Asia Care Plans
Danvil Plans
Special Plans
Pet Plans

* Photos were taken while I watch 24 Oras of GMA-7