Tips on How to Boost Sun Broadband Internet Speed

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It has been three days since I started to go online using sun broadband wireless. On the first two days, I got so disappointed with my internet connection since it loads so slow averaging download speed of 50 to 60kBps. This is, despite the fact that I have signal strength of 5 bars at HSDPA, which is the highest signal strength that conventional broadband USB dongle can have. I have searched and tried several tips on how to boost broadband signal speed, but then there seems no effect since my connection already is at the maximum level.

Today at 1:30AM, out of desperation of experiencing again slow internet connection I decided to try to connect with my sun broadband wireless using different profile name setting. I usually chose sun internet to connect online, but since it consistently has slow connection, I chose sun broadband standard. After doing so, I notice that my connection become responsive in the sense that web page loads faster (as in every web page) and youtube videos have less buffer time. Download speed is also very much at far as compared to the speed test I’ve done few days ago.

sun broadband standard

I don’t know if this occurrence is just a coincidence or what, but then I suggest that you try to connect with the same profile name (sun broadband standard) to have firsthand experience of what I am talking about here.


  1. says

    Internet speed depends on device you are using (globe tattoo with me), time and day ( the best is monday to friday 11pm-8am), signal strength and cell site where you are connecting.

    With globe tattoo prepaid, internet speed is also around 50-90kbps during heavy traffic hours.

    it’s 1:30am so I think internet speed in your area is fast.

  2. says

    i have tried Sun but its really slow in our area but now, am using globe tattoo, its faster than sun. yeah! maybe its depends on the area.

  3. Aida Santiago says

    Sun cellular service is a cheating company. They charge you gprs internet even without you using it. There are already 3 occurrence in my office mate and non had a good resolution despite reasoning with them. So, if your a postpaid subscriber and your not going to use your gprs better have it deactivated. Call their hotline or have your phone configured properly or else you’ll be robbed. This is the way they compensate their unli services by overcharging their clients. I’m note renewing my contract with them.

  4. Jedipat says

    I’ve been reading this blog and responses with great interest. I’m planning to get broadband myself for a while now, and I’m torn between Smart and Sun for my laptop. I need one particularly for Skype meetings with bosses, so I guess Sun’s too slow for my needs.


  5. Sarena herrera says

    Hi…im a sun broadband user,, and so far its good and cheaper than other network…i dont have a problem with the connection,but my problem is the unwanted charges,..ex. i have a load of 50 then if i will going to use it and plug in my broadband it will automatically connect and it will automatically charge 10 peso for 30 min. ..what am i gonna do?

  6. minnith mota says

    sobrang bagal talaga ng sun broadband! parang di din promo yung 100P na 3 days nila e. sa tagal ng paghihintay. parang 1 day lang ang katumbas! parang napamahal ka pa.

    • Aimee says

      Tama po kayo sa sinabi ninyo! Yung mga YouTube videos na 30 seconds lang kung mag load 15 minutes! Buset!

  7. raymond says

    i recently subscribe to sun broadband postpaid, my problem is i cant reach 2Mbps download speed during 1-6 am..unlike in their prepaid, i can download 4 to 5 movies using torrent..

    • Libay says

      Sun Broadband is not recommended for download. If you want to download torrent files then use DSL.

  8. jhonel says

    sun broadband is really slow this blog has no use because he/she perform the test at 1:30 am , i am using sunbro and i always wake up for 2-6 session for watching dramas, but when it comes to exactly 6 am . that connection will be useless .

  9. jhey says

    you really have to choose the sun broadband standard and not the internet. I’m using Sun for almost 3years already and im a hardcore online gamer and a p bay down loader and so far it gave me good connection. But i really agree on the fact that the area dictates the speed of your connection, for me, i have a speeder connection whenever im at laguna compare to pasig.

    i almost throw my tattoe plug in – so slow, im not yet sure on smart i haven’t tried that one.

    • Alwyn says

      Tama ka Brad dipende talaga sa lugar sa tingin ko i am also 3yrs postpaid sun broadband user, gamit ko sa ipad 3 ko 11pm to 6am pinaka mabilis ko naranasan na connection 8.2mbps nagulat ako and same time inulit ko sa ulit 7.8 mbps this sunday 11pm. area paranaque city. i also experience connection at Calamba pansol area 3.2mbps. using ipad3. the worst is in Mandaluyong area 256kbps, balwarte pala ng Globe dun hehe. na check ko sa ipad ni utol Globe tatoo 2.5mbps.

  10. jayr says

    dude malakas talaga ang connection ng sun tuwing dis oras ng gabi. usual kong oras ng pagd-download ng torrents na hanggang 3gb gamit ang sun broadband is from 1am to 7am. mabilis umaabot ng 3mbps. no joke.

  11. gel says

    i have problem with edge sun sun ang display sa broadband ko 2 days ko ginamit bgo ung sim ko lakas ehh.. tapos edge nlng ngun… hay… patikim lang ata ng SUN un.. hehheh…

    • Romeo K. Escuyos Jr. says

      Nasa settings lang po iyan ng phone niyo. Make sure na “WCDMA only” at hindi naka “auto” ang 3g settings mo kung android po ang gamit niyo.

  12. earl says

    i’m also a sun broadband user at ang problema ko ngayon, every 15 minutes or less lagi ako na didisconnect nakakainis. pagdating nmn sa download, umaabot nmn ng 400kbps and dl ko, pero pag torrent mabagal tlga. pano ba maayos ung pagka DC ko lagi?

  13. roy says

    I concur with jayr, jhonel and earl – it’s actually from 1 am to 6 am only na mabilis ang torrent. Any other time of the day, walang kwenta. Pero pag MXTube (iPhone app), mas mabilis-bilis kahit anong oras. It seems to me that Sun is only limiting torrent downloads to these wee hours?

    My other question is – if we’re paying for an UNLIMITED service, is what they’re doing (limiting the download speed to certain hours) even LEGAL? Don’t we have the right to complain to DTI for example?

  14. Ryan says

    I’m a sun pocket wifi user. From 6:00am to 12:59am the next day, usad pagong yung connection maximum of 50-60Kbps kapag sole user ka. Then from exactly 1:00am-05:59am, it triples the speed maximum of 300kbps. That’s the time I download movies and apps. Bakit pa hintayin ng sun network ang 1am para pabilisin ang connection??? Bugok

  15. Jayers says

    As the term ‘broadband’ goes. this is a type of connection which originally has a greater bandwidth that will be then distributed to users. for example, if the connecton offers 100mbps and there are 10 users, each will be given a max of 10mbps. same way, if there are 50 users, each will be given max of 2mbps.

    just a thought to share.

  16. NotANerd says

    You are paying for the unlimited internet service of sun broadband (or any other ISPs) to access the internet.

    due to the excessive bandwidth usage of some users (ie torrent downloads), they are forced to limit/throttle the speeds just so other users will also be able to enjoy the services.

    Intindihin niyo muna kung panu gumagana ang sistema bago kayo manlait.

    @roy – may karapatan ang network na gawin yun. Nasa fair usage policy nila. another thing, yang ginagawa mo ba eh “LEGAL” ba? subukan mo magreklamo at tignan natin kung hindi ka pagsabihan ng DTI or ng NTC

  17. Eymard says

    Matik na opo yan.
    Sun will tell you the profile you should connect in the first place. :)
    I’m happy you found that out yourself. :)

  18. seps says

    Sun Cellular Broadband is really frustratingly slow… i’m at Resorts World right now and its even slower here… grabe, this is already a commercial / busy establishment and ang hina pa rin! mas nauna pa malobat yung laptop ko kesa ma complete yung isang download that is 66MB in size only!

  19. William says

    Here are some TIPS to speed-up your Broadband and other internet connections

    1. Make your pc/laptop in good condition, download maintenance tools (software), then clean your pc/laptop by using the maintenance tools (software)… para ma tune-up ito at para ma attain nito ang magandang kondisyon…
    2. you have to choose for two option, either mag download ka ng TCP Optimizer o gagawin mo ito by using command prompt (cmd).
    a. if you choose to Download TCP Optimizer that’s ok but you have to know this.
    kailangan alam mo kung ano ang gamit mo, broadband ba yan, cable ba o dial-up ang gamit mo, heto yung list ng MTU na gagamitin mo.

    CABLE = 1500
    DSL (Broadband) = 1492
    ISDN =1322
    DIAL UP = 576
    Hindi ako product indorser ng TCP Optimizer pero ito ang gamit ko.. download lang libre pa, hindi mo na kailangan iinstall, run mo lang sya tapos click custom located at the right bottom side.. papalitan mo lang yung rating ng MTU nakalagay kasi dun ay ang default setting na 1500, papalitan mo lang yun,, kung broadband ang gamit mo you have to change it to 1492 tapos apply.. mag bu-boot ang pc/laptop mo..
    b. kung pipiliin mo naman ay ang command prompt (cmd) heto naman ang procedure.
    1. type ” cmd ” in search box of windows, run administrator.
    2. type cd C:\ then press enter…
    3. type or copy/paste
    netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces
    kadalasan kasi naka default ang settings ng MTU sa 1500 tapos press mo enter..
    4. type or copy /paste
    netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Your Network Connection” mtu=1492 store=persistent ,
    palitan mo lang yung MTU=1492 sa broadband kasi ito,palitan mo lang kung anong Klase ang gamit mo.. nasa itaas ang dapat mong pagpilian..
    5. type or copy/paste

    netsh int tcp show global

    hit enter..
    6. type or copy/paste
    netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
    hit enter..
    7. type or copy/paste
    netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
    hit enter..
    8. type or copy/paste
    netsh int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
    hit enter
    9. exit … tapos na done.. restart..
    But in my opinion I will choose “A” download lang ok na palitan mo lang mtu ok na..
    3. Windows set-up


    a. type “gpedit.msc” in search box of windows

    b. press “enter”

    c. click ” Administrative templates

    e. double click “Network”

    f. double click “QoS Packet Scheduler”

    g. double click “Limit Reserveable Bandwidth”. Small windows will appear
    “Limit Reservable Bandwidth Windows” you can see and notice that it is
    not configure and the setting rating is 20, just click the “configure”
    and set the setting into zero ( 0 )… Press Apply and OK…

    h. DONE…

    note: kailangan mo din na malaman yung active at malakas na DNS sa area ninyo at palitam mo yung DNS mo..

    Good luck and God Bless..

  20. Juvz says

    Sun broadband lessens ung dl speed during peak hours. Its somewhere in the manual or contract that they give you when you avail of the modem.

  21. supercali says

    sakin any profile mabilis kapag madaling araw. umaabot sya ng 3.6mbps since un ung limit ng portable wifi nila.. after ng 6am gapang pagong na 20kbps, masaya nako pag umabot ng 50kbps.

  22. Kiel A. Lumayag says

    cnubukan ko na po ilagai sa standard but super slow padin naasaasayang lang tlaga ung pera ko panload .. ni facebook dko mabuksan

  23. chocoponkan says

    Mine works fast for the first 30 minutes or an hour, but gradually becomes slow, and it is irritating. It becomes useless for downloading.

  24. kevs says

    *Bulacan area*

    here’s my modem model: ZTE MF193A

    try this, it might fix your connection (i dont know what UI version you

    are using coz im a new sun user).

    i advice you dont use the sun broadband standard or any of the 3

    default profile.


    TO CREATE: (mine is in:) “Tools => Setup => Profile Management => ADD”
    (pag wala tools “option” hanapin nyo. o hanap kau n may kinalaman s profile. saka nyu kapain xD)

    now enter ur desired name
    leave username & password blank, dont check “save un n pw”

    dial #: *99#

    for “DNS”: choose “obtain automatically” or optinal:::
    (choose “use the ff DNS server address)
    (preffered DNS: )
    (alternate DNS: ) (Google Public DNS)(mine became faster due to this)
    (preffered DNS: )
    (alternate DNS: ) (OpenDNS)

    => i think in some version the option is “Static” (not sure)

    for “APN”: choose “use the ff APN address” or “Static”:::
    APN Name: minternet

    PDP type: IP
    Authentication mode: PAP

    choose obtain PDP server address automatically

    ***the following might not***
    ***be in ur UI coz of***
    ***d version difference***

    now go to “Tools => Network Setting”

    Network Selection: auto
    Mode Preference: Only WCDMA
    ===> this one did the trick for me
    ===> because all other profiles
    ===> are all set to “Auto”. (mapapalitan
    ===> lng pg gumawa k bagong profile
    ===> un dn sabi s sun FAQs)

    i got this one from sun site: for the “WCDMA” option

    “Tools > Options > Network > Network Type > WCDMA Only > Bands> All

    Bands> Apply > O K.”

    (maganda n connection q ngaun..hnd na bumababa s 90Kbps..umaabot ng

    3Mbps pataas pg ngddownload aq ng torrent.)

    Hope this helps. feel free to ask.

  25. zangetsu08 says

    i tried this setup, it was okay for an hour, then it returns to normal speed, im having a blast earlier 400kbps download speed, then it slump back to 20kbps,

  26. Mike says

    I also use Sun pocket wifi and the connection is very very slow. Napansin ko rin na bibilis lng ang connection kapag 11pm na ng gabi at babagal na pag 8am ng umaga. Tas buong araw SNAIL. Bakit kaya ganon? BTW I use my wifi for FB, youtube and my gaming.

  27. alexa says

    sun broadband is the best among the rest… unlimited bandwitdh ba yang mga sa inyo? sun is unlimited bandwitdh …FYI… best for downloading torrents reaches @ 416kbps tops kahit pa peak hours.. unlike sa dsl at mga tattoo at smart bro. ang globe limit nila per day is 800mb bandwidth.. anu lang mga nagawa mo? bka kulang pa isang movie haha.. buti na lang nag shift ako sa sun..good thing

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