Top Graduation Songs in the Philippines Lyrics and Video

I was asking my sister about what graduation songs will be played at our Alma Matter for this year’s graduation but she instead handed over her reminicentia (yearbook) I do some page flipping it brought me to the page of graduation songs. For sure graduating students and schools will be searching for timeless graduation songs so here are the lists which can be included to your lineups. I only have here few so if you think I missed a LOT kindly suggest songs by hitting the comment.


1. Remember me this way by Jordan Hill (though I have here the male version)

2. Special Memory by the Company

3. Thanks to you by Tyler Collins

4. Farewell by Raymond Launchengco

5. Journey by Lea Salonga

6. Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C

7. High School Life by Sharon Cuneta

* Credits to youtube for this list of top graduation songs

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