We Enjoy Watching Fast and Furious 5

I had a chance to watch Fast and Furious 5 Rio Heist or Fast Five this afternoon after my wife requested to have some sort of date. The movies we’re planning to watch is either Fast Five or Thor since her co-resident had told her a nice feedback about the latter we decided to check it out. The film was shown in 3D and she doesn’t like it so we resort to our other choice which is Fast Five.

Ticket price is P160 per head in SM Cinema, we did not expect that there will be long queue considering there is still 20 minutes before the film showing.

The movie started from the last installment of Fast and Furious 2009 where Paul Walker led the assault to free Dominic Toretto for being transported to prison. From the movie I can’t believe that there was no casualty when the bus came tumbling down many times, anyway that is what probably should happen. When the movie started I felt nervous and excited because I want to know what would be the participation of Dwayne Johnson also I wonder what would be the car that they will be driving or what type of race they will be joining. Actually from the entire film there was only one race that happen and that is when Dom’s team stolen 4 police cars.

From my point of view it seems that the movie was a combination of comedy, action, and affection. Its can be comedy film because it contains funny lines delivered by the characters like “we got a life before we meet you” or when Hobbs said “I like her smile” which brings occasional laughter to movie goers. It’s an action film because of the stunts and fight scenes and how they maneuver those muscle cars that only precise drivers can do. There are scenes where they value family and friendship I remember when Dom and Brian talk about their father, when Brian told their team that Mia was pregnant, when Dom promised that he will look after the son of Vince (who died with gunshot wound).  Hobbs valued his teammates who were annihilated in an ambush by Reyes’ men.

Everything seems to be a happy ending every team member of Dom received their fair share of money that they got from the corrupt investor Hernan Reyes. Looks like there is another sequel for this film probably Fast and Furious 6 since after the post-credits scene Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) received a special file from Eva Mendes accompanied with a question “Do you believe in Ghost” revealing that Letty (Dom’s deceased girlfriend)  will again be featured in the next extension. Probably Dwanye Johnson and Eva Mendez wil also be there. All in all we had fun spending 2 hours watching Fast Five.  If you want to know about Fast Five plot I suggest you visit Wikipedia or search Fast and Furious Five Wiki or see the trailer.

I’ve taken pictures of this Mitsubishi Pajero displayed together with Fast Five poster which you may find interesting:

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