Webcast Lectures and Sermons for Students, and Followers at Home

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Not everyone can make it to church services. In fact, many churches provide a copy of the weekly sermon online or by DVD. The use of online webcasts has been helpful to many people (followers) who are unable to get to church, but would like to hear the sermon later at home. The webcasts allow someone to listen on their own time. Another convenient way to share the sermon or music special is through DVD. The DVD can be played anywhere, and it is perfect for taking along on road trips. The problem with duplicating DVDs is that the equipment usually allows creating one copy at a time. That means for each DVD needed, the entire copying process has to be repeated over and over again. This is costly, time consuming and requires one person to sit round-the-clock to load and unload the DVDs on the equipment. Then they must be labelled accordingly.

Any church or group that needs to do more than one DVD needs to look into DVD duplicators at SummationTechnology.com. The use of a DVD to provide sermons to the congregation allows for even the most isolated member to be able to see the leader and the group. A DVD brings the service to the member. Most members have some sort of device to play the DVD, even if they only have a small stand-alone player. The DVDs connect the member to the congregation, making it possible for them to participate without leaving their home. A church that values their membership will offer their congregation the ability to participate regardless of their mobility constraint.

With many schools utilize high speed internet on their campus, I should say webcasts is also applicable in schools. In case a student was not able to attend lectures due to health and other related problems. The professor can film himself while doing lectures to students and later on have it uploaded online for the benefit of those who wanted to see the replay. Also, they can have it copied on DVD for safekeeping.