Western Union Money Transfer Email Scam

On April 23, 2011 I received an email Scam from Western Union stating that in order for me to claim $50,000 I have to fill out “Winner Biodatas”. Since I did not participate in any contest held by Western Union I presume it’s a scam.

See the details below:

Western Union email scam

Confirm the receipt of $50,000 from western union by filling the details to the Transfer Manager Gray Epps:
1. Name:..
2. Address  :…
3. Country :…
4. Phone Number :…
5. Occupation:…
6. Sex :…
7. Age :…

Unless you have joined contest or event from Western Union I suggest not to entertain this type of email.

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  • angeline April 28, 2011, 3:29 am

    For several times now i recieved a mail like this from western union.
    Have anyone of the others trided to contact western union to ask about this mail. Maybe they can do something about it or try to go to the base of it to stop it.

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