Why Nissans Are Loved By The Drifting Community

Nissans are loved in the sport of automotive drifting. During the 1990’s, many Japanese cars became popular in a sport that has evolved into a full on racing event now. Drifting is overpowering your car and sliding sideways into a turn and accelerating out of the corner right after you hit the apex. It sounds easy but is quite difficult. That is not even mentioning the guts it takes to dive into a 30 mph turn at about 80-100 mph sideways with enough counter steer to get you out of the corner. Given your car has enough horsepower to pull you out of that corner.

Drifting definitely demands your respect and full attention if you ever decided to try it. Doing so would require the right car also. The car must be rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, and must have a decent amount of low end torque to pull you out of the corners. Nissan is notorious for making cars that can drift well. Which is why so many drifters choose corona nissan as their first pick, when getting into the sport of drifting. Some favorites during the early days of this sport included the rear wheel drive 1998 240sx and the all wheel drive Skyline GTR R34.

Today you have the newer model Nissans that is making quite a buzz and is the “must have” upgrade to their older model Nissans. Dealerships like used cars palm springs and Ontario Nissan has the all new 2012 370z which also comes in a convertible top now. However, the real big dog that dominates is and will always be the Nissan GTR. This car is everything a Japanese car enthusiast loves. It resembles everything related to driving and hugging the road. Nissan GTRs demand respect and they sure do get it. There is no other car like it on the market.

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