Are you planning to buy a north bayou f80 monitor arm in the Philippines? Maybe this post will help you decide to get one. Here is the unboxing and setup of north bayou monitor arm. Based on my observation the NB or North Bayou arm is the cheapest monitor arm brand available in the Philippines. […] Read more

How to Setup Second Monitor for Windows PC


Setting up a second monitor for your windows OS pc is quite simple. Most of the time it is only plugged and play. If you are having a hard time doing so, this post will guide you every step of the way. I recently both a second monitor that I will connect to my windows […] Read more


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Solve: LG Washing Machine OE Error Code

washing machine oe error photo

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Where to Find the Washing Machine Model Number?

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Get your SSS PRN in 5 Easy Ways

The sss prn is necessary to pay your contribution via online and through the different accredited payment centers. In this post, you will find out the many ways to generate your personal sss prn online or physically as a voluntary member, self-employed, and as an OFW. It can be via the sss mobile app, official […] Read more

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How to Easily Pay SSS Contribution in BPI Online

Great news, Paying your sss contribution is now much easier because you can now pay it through bpi bank online. You only need to follow 4 simple steps to complete the whole process. Individual members such as OFWs, voluntary, and self-employed can generate a payment reference number (prn) using the sss mobile app. Afterward, the […] Read more