12 Reasons Why Filipinos Do Not Invest

Do you want to know the 12 reasons Filipinos do not invest? Or if they want to, they simply just can’t. Read on to find out why. I came across this photo that is making rounds on Facebook.

It caught my attention as it tells about the reasons Pinoys don’t get the chance to invest. It makes me feel sad because what were written there are facts that I am very much guilty of. For sure I am not the only one who is doing those things so I am sharing it here. This is to help others (including myself) become aware and somehow do things differently with their lives after reading this post.

What can you say about it? Are you guilty? Don’t feel sorry if somehow you are currently experiencing any of the above situation. Think of a way how you can change things in your life so the coming months will be much better financially, than the previous.

reasons filipino do not invest

Credits to Richard Macalintal

Just My Two Cents

Maybe its about time to live a simpler life. Stop buying unnecessary things using your credit card just to post its picture on Facebook and look cool. Instead, save for the rainy days.

If you need to celebrate important occasions (birthdays, graduations, anniversaries) in your life, don’t do it in fancy restaurants. If you can’t help it, check out group buying websites like Metrodeal, most of the time it offers discounts in popular buffets in Metro Manila.

During summer vacation, it is not necessary to go out of town to be happy and again to look cool in the eyes of your Facebook friends. Remember, the month of June is fast approaching and before we know it, its “Tuition Fee” time again. Better prioritize things that are more important than going out of town and becoming ‘IN’ in social media.

On Christmas, you don’t have to give expensive gifts to your inaanak especially if you don’t have the cash or you would need use your credit card to pay for it. Ninongs, should be a role model to their inaanak. Show them that you are living a simple life. You don’t need to care if they will remark you as ‘kuripot.’ Remember the parents didn’t ask you to be the ninong /ninang of their child so the latter can receive expensive gifts every Christmas.

I hope these 12 reasons may serve as an eye opener to all of us.

*Again credits to Richard Macalintal

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