16 Month Old Baby that Can Read, Watch this Viral Video

Meet Torin, a 16 month old baby that can recognize and read worlds in a flash card. Torin learned the words while he was at the ‘Your Baby Can Read’ program. His father (guardian) continue the language development at home by making Torin new flash cards to read. According to the uploader Torin learns 1 to 5 new words everyday.

The video was uploaded on Youtube on March 13,2010. On October 2014, according to the uploader Ugatrotters, Torin is now 6 years old. He had undergo a very rigorous testing to attempt to become the first student in the history of his country to be able to skipped Kindergarten and enter school at first grade. Ugatrotters added that the test results show that Torin is an ‘exceptionally gifted’ child. He is above average in reading. Also, his scores is above the 99% when comes to ‘general intelligence,’ problem solving, and Mathematics.

Watch Torin read below:

Despite skipping Kindergarten class, where the social skill is developed, according to a former Kindergarten teacher. Torin is described by Ugatrotters as the most socially-well adjusted kid that he knew.

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