3 Days 2 Nights in Puerto Galera: A Very Unforgettable Experience

It’s summer! time to heat up our feet with the beach. So, what’s the nearest beach aside from Batangas that will only take less than 4 hours?? Uhmm .. Puerto Galera!. Check below our 3 Days 2 Nights experience in Puerto Galera.

A few weeks before our scheduled vacation, I’ve been scouting on the internet for cheap accommodations good for two people. White beach is the most popular beach in Puerto Galera. It has a lot of hotels, inns, and resorts to choose from but one thing to consider, the place is very noisy at night, a lot of bars, and gigs sort of timog version of Q.C. We wanted a cozy quiet place to stay so I tried looking out on other beaches of Puerto Galera and found SABANG area.

We go through the list of resorts, called each of them inquiring for their room rates, inclusions, exclusions and so on. Then we found one that offers 3,600 php for 3d2n accommodation, we’ll just have to pay half of it deposited to their bank account for the reservation. Then it’s all set!, we decided to get an accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights for two at STEPS AND GARDEN resort.

Getting to Puerto Galera is easy, from any bus station just take a BATANGAS PIER ROUTE that would approximately take 2-3 hours from origin depending on the traffic situation. Then, upon arriving at the pier go straight to the area where you can buy tickets bound for Puerto Galera whether it’s going to muelle, Sabang, or white beach.. all of the passengers will ride on one ferry boat that has a capacity of 100.

Our ticket costs 460.00 php for 2/pax “one-way” to plus” yeah right a terminal fee costing 60 pesos for two. Ok! Time to set sail! .. the ferry trip took an hour from Batangas pier to Sabang port. Steps and Garden Resort is located uphill. It is a 5-10 mins. walk from the port of Sabang.

Well literally, it’s a garden with deluxe bungalow houses, apartment style suites and junior suites.

.. and it does have a nice pool, not that BIG but NICE.
.. a view from our room
.. and this is our bungalow type deluxe room.
… inside the room
First thing in mind when we hit the shore? .. food!!! Upon settling our remaining balance on the resort we speed up to their resto. Ordered a meal .. and as expected it’s really expensive compaired to it Sbarro is a lot cheaper. “BUT we’re really hungry and had no time to look for food.
…. their pork sinigang has “repolyo no kangkong”
.. but this one taste good =p
After a sumptuous meal we took a rest and when the sun sets we look for food on the noisy alleys of Sabang, where we bought a chicken meal for 60 php serve with rice, shanghai meal on the same amount a total of 120 php compared to our 700 php lunch!!!
.. we go back to our place, we eat, and call it a day.

Early in the morning we woke up at around 6-7 am.. we had breakfast, ate our baon (gardenia wheat bread plus chicken spread) and talk about what to do on our second day in P.G. well my partner wants to buy gift souvenirs for her family, friends and so am I,, and she also wants to see the famous WHITE BEACH. Upon finishing our meal, we pack up and head to the lobby to ask for a land transportation that will take us to the white beach.

The receptionist sad that we take a public jeepney station to their baranggay outpost ( near the port of sabang) that will take us to the town proper and from there we have to take a tricycle going to white beach.

The jeepney cost 20 php/ pax but the tricycle fee??? Depends on the driver??? .. heheh luckily the guy we approached asked us an amount of 60 php for the two of us.. we just gave him a 100 php in return of his honesty.

Puerto Galera White beach

The White Beach

… first thing first.. buy souvenirs

… SOUVENIR SHOPS along white beach

.. care for a henna tattoo .. 200 php for a customized tattoo..

After walking the long shores of white beach, having our lunch, buying souvenirs .. I think we had enough and we should go back to Sabang, compared to our trip earlier it’s a bit hard to negotiate with the tricycle drivers now because they are starting to overcharge asking us for a 150 php fare to the P.G. town proper.. we were able to get a 100 php tricycle ride but the driver took us off far from the jeepney terminal !!! .. what an a-hole .. anyways we took the jeepney going to sabang same fare 20 php each .. gone to our place took a bath from a very hot “greasy” trip ahahh! Have a rest.. and took a swim on the resort’s nice pool.

.. time to dry up and look for dinner .. last night meal in Sabang.

… in Sabang you won’t have a problem when it comes to delicacies, they have a local pizzeria in town ..
We woke up at around 9 am and pack up our things and get ready for our trip back home.. the ferry boat will leave exactly 11 am. We had to buy our tickets well here in Sabang the price of the ticket cost higher maybe 40. So from 230/pax it is now 275/pax plus another 60 php terminal fee.

.. goobye sabang.. Puerto Galera.

… back on Batangas Port
.. took the bus going to manila ..

* 3 Days 2 Nights in Puerto Galera was shared here by my sister

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