5 Steps to Turn Yourself to Vegetarian

Check these 5 steps on how you would be able to turn yourself to a vegetarian. I found this in one of the article on 2009 issue of Health Care magazine

First, set a date when you want your diet to start. It could be a new year’s resolution for next year starting January 1, or the first day of the next month. Momentum usually gained well if you start feeling fresh and renewed.

Second, clear your kitchen cabinets of tempting foods that should not be part of your chosen diet. Throw out phone numbers of fast food delivery services. Make sure that you start your diet in a clean, temptation-free house.

Third, know where to get vegetarian food and meat replacements – like vegan groceries or restaurants. Write them down on a list.

Fourth, ask for your friends’ and family’s support. Announce to them that you’re starting the diet and that you need their help. They should not tease or discourage you when you strictly follow your diet even on special occasions, gatherings and night-outs.

Lastly, have a positive attitude towards your new diet. Vegetarians actually enjoy a wide variety of tasty and nutritious foods. You can still enjoy all of the same things that you love like sandwiches, burgers, soups, lasagne, etc. All you have to do is remove or replace the meat of the ingredients that use meat products.

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