6 Steps to Install CWCheats on PSP

I’m currently looking for ways on how to install cwcheats on my PSP good thing I landed on this page where the commenter was able to discuss on how to install CWCheats.

Anyway you arrived here because you also want to use CWCheats on your PSP so I am going to share it with you step by step, this probably the easiest way because I was able to follow its instruction.

Just a reminders CWCheats will only work if you installed a custom firmware on your PSP and of course, you should have CWCheats on hand. All you need to do now is to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Latest CWCheats here (CWCheats.zip format)

Step 2: Extract CWCheats.zip. What you’ll see are 2 folders the “Install” and “install_371”. The Install folder is for 3.71 firmware and the install_371 is for firmware 3.71 and above.

Step 3: Start plug-in now your PSP, open the CWCheats version that is compatible for your PSP firmware.

Step 4: Copy the Seplugins folder then paste it on the root folder of your PSP.

Step 5: Turn off your PSP by holding the power button. Afterwards turn it on again while holding the R button.

Step 6: Start now your chosen game, then hold the “select”, it will bring you to CWCheats. Select the cwcheats that you want then. Go back to the menu and enable it.

If you still not able to follow the steps above watch the video below:

*credits to yonicute of youtube

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